Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” But, most people don’t pay much attention to their cars until they make some terrible noise, refuse to start, or break down. By then, you could be looking at some seriously expensive auto service costs. There are ways to know when your vehicle is in need of some preventative auto service that could save you a lot of inconvenience and cash.

Warning Lights

Previously, warning lights were often referred to as “idiot lights,” because, by the time they came on, it was already obvious that the problem existed. Today’s auto service industry has been revolutionized by warning lights that alert drivers to problems and give mechanics the diagnostic codes they need to help them provide excellent auto service quickly and efficiently, before you’re late for work or left stranded.


Expensive automotive service repair bills can often be avoided by drivers who pay attention to the noises that their cars make. Paying attention to strange noises coming from your car could save your life or your car’s engine. For most people, a blown engine is the end of the car. These noises could be a signal that something crucial has worn out and is near the point of failure.

  • Whining. Your power steering needs attention. If it fails, you have no control over your car.
  • Screeching. A belt is about to break. Depending on your car and which belt is complaining, a belt that breaks while you are driving can be a serious problem.
  • Grinding. Brakes that grind could be close to failure, a problem that could cause the death of the driver or anyone else that is involved in a collision caused by brake failure.
  • Knocking. Your engine is in danger of failing.



A car’s systems are subjected to constant heat and other challenging conditions. Leaks are bound to develop. Because your service techs can tell you which system needs attention, getting to an auto service center to address leaks quickly is cheap insurance against other more costly repairs such as a failed transmission, a blown engine, or power steering failure.

Difficult Starts

Your car should start easily every time you turn the key. A car that has trouble starting is alerting you to the fact that something is wearing out and nearing failure. You may only be in need of a new battery, or it could be something more serious like a failing fuel pump. Your professional auto service tech can diagnose the problem correctly and prevent your car from leaving you stranded.

Strange Smells

It isn’t just you. There is a strange smell coming from your car and it is a symptom of a problem that might otherwise go unnoticed. Many times, a critical leak can go undetected because the fluids are leaking onto the engine and burning off, never making it to the ground for you to see and recognize the problem. This can be especially true of antifreeze, or engine coolant as hoses develop cracks that later turn into full-blown leaks. However, it could also be an oil leak, so don’t hesitate to take your car to an auto service center.

Don’t put it off

People put off taking their cars in for service for many reasons, but waiting to get your car serviced only makes the problem worse. Mechanical systems do not fix themselves. They only deteriorate further without proper auto service and preventative repair, but with timely auto service and prompt attention to your car’s warning signs, your car can be as reliable as you need it to be. So contact us today for all your car car.