Purchasing a brand new vehicle is like a dream come true. Think about it you can’t wait to slide into those new seats, smell the new leather and give her a good run but this could soon become a real nightmare if you don’t provide routine auto service and maintenance . According to the manufacturer’s protocol auto servicing and maintenance are essential if you’re to get the most out of your new or used vehicle for years to come.

Auto Service And Maintenance Helps You Keep Vehicles Purring!

Auto Service and MaintenanceDon’t go with the popular perception that a vehicle doesn’t need servicing if it doesn’t have a problem as contrary to this belief ‘popping the hood’ every now and then could put a major ease on your wallet later down the road. Keep your engine purring with the right care and make auto servicing and maintenance a priority.

Drivers can expect a wheel balance, tuneup, oil filter and oil changes, engine, brake and transmission servicing, battery checks, tire checks and much more. With auto servicing and maintenance it’s like taking a vehicle to the spa. This practice promotes maximum performance and ensures your vehicle is safe and roadworthy.

To Get The Most Out Of Your Vehicle – Be Sure To Apply These Tips

Working with a mechanic who has an Automotive Service Excellence certification is the first step towards getting the best care for your vehicle. Not only is this certification proof of excellent services but it ensures you’re dealing with true professionals and not shady individuals looking to make a quick buck.

Once you’ve undoubtedly secured professional services there are certain questions you should be prepared to ask when bringing your vehicle to an auto repair shop with the most vital being:

  • Are The Technicians Experienced Working With Certain Models?

Even some of the best mechanics out there including ASE certified mechanics don’t have the experience working particular makes and model vehicles and since cars on the road today carry some of the latest mechanical technology and systems it’s important that technicians are knowledgeable about the changes that constantly occur in different model vehicles.

It won’t hurt to ask about their experience because this is the only way to guarantee that the technician working on your vehicle has the training and know how to get the job done.

  • What  Labor Costs Are Before Securing Services?

Going to the mechanic for the first time you don’t quite know what to expect in terms of pricing because some mechanics may charge for the entire job while others prefer to charge according to the amount of time spent working on your vehicle. The prices for services at most auto shops can be quite steep and to avoid any mix ups, overcharges or ridiculous bills it’s best to inquire about the cost of services and labor upfront.

  • If They Keep A Detailed Record of Your Servicing History?

It is important to keep documentation of your vehicle’s recent maintenance and lifetime service history in the glove compartment of your vehicle for easy access. Being able to provide a complete, documented record of the vehicle’s service and maintenance history gives the technician a comprehensive idea of any issues the vehicle had and the maintenance it’s received throughout it’s lifetime. This will ensure that the technician doesn’t fix the same problem twice or applying the wrong fix to the issue.

In a nutshell keeping record of your vehicle’s service and maintenance history makes a mechanic’s job a whole lot easier and can be a significant help in cases where a technician needs to do some troubleshooting or make an accurate diagnosis.

  • If They Work With  Generic Parts  Or Original Parts

When getting auto servicing and maintenance performed you should really go out of your way to request original parts for your particular make and model vehicle. This approach allows for quick and easy maintenance or repair and helps drivers to get the best possible performance out of their vehicle.  

So keep your vehicle perking with regular auto service and maintenance it will serve you well for a long time to come. Contact All Around Auto and Repair for vehicle maintenance and repair.

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