Car owners let’s pop the hood and take a look at all the components that should be considered for inspection and repair in 2018. The bottom line is that running a car isn’t cheap so learning a few tricks of the trade early on may be the best way to avoid crazy auto maintenance bills and help you stay on top of things with your vehicle this year and every year.

Auto Maintenance Before we dive into those handy auto maintenance tips you’re eager to learn, here’s a piece of advice that we believe every car owner should take. Choose a car model that has a reliable track record. Why? Well, most times people can find credible consumer reports that offer comprehensive information on the reliability of new or used vehicles.

At this point you’re probably wondering why this is important; Simple, they’re numerous unnecessary costs that can be avoided with just a little knowledge about your vehicle. Having said that let’s get down to business.

5 Auto Maintenance Tips Car Owners  Should Always Remember

Okay, you believe you own a fairly dependable car that properly serves your needs; This is great, but asks yourself, how long will it stay this way? While patience and money can help just about any vehicle to reach 200,000 miles this isn’t always a smart or financially responsible approach.

I mean, who wants to pay more for auto maintenance when keeping your car in excellent condition only calls for a few straightforward tips to be applied. What are these tips?

  1.   Changing Filters Regularly

Changing your vehicle’s oil filter regularly is one of the cardinal rules of auto maintenance, however, there are several other filters inside your car that will also require maintenance. Let’s take a look.

  • The Air Filter – this cleans the air that enters the engine for combustion.


  • The Cabin Air Filter – this filter helps to clean and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the car’s cabin airflow stream.


  • The Fuel Filter – removes impurities from petrol fuel and water in diesel fuel.


Remember this practice plays an integral role in the auto maintenance and the longevity of your car. So check your filters regularly and don’t hesitate to replace when needed.

  1. Check Tire Pressure Often

For most drivers, tires don’t really come as a major concern so long as there aren’t flat however, always checking your tire pressure plays a bigger role in auto maintenance than you may have originally thought.

Checking tire pressure improves a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, reduces drag and significantly contributes to safety. I mean what harm can it do to check your tires once a month?

  1.  Keep A Consistent Auto Maintenance Schedule

Even though there are tons of little things we can do to promote the longevity of our vehicles, keeping a consistent auto maintenance schedule has always been seen as one of the key ways to keeping vehicles in good working condition.

Essentially having cars professionally maintained ultimately helps drivers to escape any serious or threatening car problems. It’s important to choose a trusted mechanic who’s familiar with your car’s make and history before you can first establish an appropriate auto maintenance schedule.

The reason for this? If you go to different mechanics they won’t know the work you’ve had done or the issues your car may have experienced in the past. Therefore it’s best to work with the same trusted mechanic each time who can arrange a consistent auto maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

  1.   Keep It Clean

Though not the most technical of auto maintenance tips keeping your vehicle clean is an essential part of auto maintenance and this is why it’s considered to be one of the most important.

You may not think that washing, waxing and covering your car regularly has any significance but it actually does. You see, apart from maintaining a pristine look, doing this prevents the car’s paint from fading as a result of sun damage or getting scratched from small objects. It may also help to avoid spending big bucks on expensive paint jobs.  

In addition, keeping the car’s interior clean is equally as important. Don’t hesitate to clean up food and drink spills, vacuum the carpet regularly and remove unnecessary clutter that’s generated over time. This will allow you to avoid pricey valet bills, cut spending at the pump and maximize the value of your vehicle.

  1.   Be A Good Driver

“ Leave Sooner, drive slower, live longer.”

As a new driver, chances are you braked softly, accelerated gently, took easy turns and used extra caution when changing lanes but fast forward to today, do you drive the same? Most likely the answer to that is no, and is probably because most drivers tend to become more relaxed behind the wheel and less cautious about these issues over time.

When you engage in safe driving practices you certainly decrease the possibility of unwanted accidents. Be mindful when you’re behind the wheel as your driving has a huge impact on how well your car holds up throughout its lifetime.

Be Responsible This Year With Your Auto Maintenance

Think of how much you can save this year with lower insurance premiums and less on auto maintenance and repairs. Maybe you could finally take that vacation to Mexico or buy yourself that designer bag you’ve always wanted with your spare cash.  

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Keeping your car in good shape won’t just make it fun to drive but it will help it last longer; So are you doing what it takes to keep your car alive? Contact us to find out.