The holiday season is finally here and your to do list is getting longer by the minute. The numerous gatherings, the comings and goings of family and friends along with getting around in the inhospitable weather makes having a reliable vehicle a necessity. Consider car maintenance so you know your vehicle can make it through the season.

Why Car Maintenance is Important

car maintenancePurchasing a new car is most of the time out of the question. Following a few tips here and there could be a great alternative to ensuring your car is in good working condition this holiday season and for the upcoming new year.

Regular maintenance is the key to an excellent working vehicle furthermore the older a vehicle gets the more maintenance is required . Finding a trustworthy and thorough mechanic is critical  and should be your first mission. Once this is accomplished consider having a seasonal check-up to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the vehicle.

Most of the time persons will find that seasonal repairs really just entail the inspection of components.  This is required in order to verify that they don’t need replacing and they are working properly. Often times people wait for their car to malfunction in order to make the necessary repairs. This approach is known to be far more expensive and inconvenient so carrying out preventative maintenance is usually the best option so as to avoid possible car issues in the near future.

In addition to this drivers should be sure to check their car batteries, cables and connections to ensure that everything is as it should be.  Inspect engine hoses for cracks, leaks, and loose clamps and keep in mind when inspecting, that hoses should not feel spongy or look brittle.

When driving during  winter time making sure that you’ve got the correct tires for winter driving or (Snow Tires) is very important. Adequate tire pressure as well as air within tires is also essential during the winter months.  If a car’s tire lacks air, they’ll get far worse traction on the road this in turn limits your ability to control your vehicle and could be potentially dangerous.

Other helpful tips for maintaining your car this holiday and winter season include testing the car’s air and oil filters, lighting and signalling systems , wiper blades, fluids, and  brakes. These important components and safety precautions should be carefully inspected and exercised when driving in winter conditions. Don’t take any chances contact us to get your vehicle in top shape this holiday season.