Making your fleet as efficient as possible is what fleet management is all about. Whether you’re a small business that makes deliveries and house calls or an established company that makes deliveries nationwide you’ll have a lot of the same concerns.

The cost of fuel and regulatory compliance top the list of concerns among fleet managers. Reselling old vehicles for top dollar, fixing common car problems, and enhancing the safety of all of your fleet’s vehicles are also top concerns.

The trained, experienced mechanics at All Around Auto Repair in Santa Rosa can address all of these issues and repair dozens of common car problems.

A thirteen-point inspection of your fleet’s vehicles is done so that your drivers are safer on the roads and your vehicles are getting the maximum possible fuel economy. Used car inspections also help when it comes to spotting recalls and other car problems and getting top dollar for your used vehicles when the time comes to update your fleet.

Checking Fluid Levels 

Fleet Management Your thirteen-point inspection at All Around Auto Repair starts by checking your fluid levels. Everything from the amount of engine oil to having enough windshield wiper fluid affects your vehicle’s fuel economy, longevity, and safety.

Common car problems, even serious ones, started out as minor car problems that went unaddressed. Just changing the oil on one of your vehicles should lead to better engine performance, less gunk in your engine, and much better gas mileage.

When you keep everything free of debris and change your oil regularly you’ll lower the chances of having to shell out a lot of money for a big engine repair later as well. The mechanics at All Around Auto Repair will check with a dipstick to make sure your oil is topped off and clean.

They’ll also check to make sure that your transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid are sufficient to keep your fleet running at top-notch performance. Transmission fluid only needs to be changed approximately every 40,000 miles but putting it off too long could lead to big car problems down the road.

Brake fluid is another thing that needs to be checked about every 40,000 miles and can cause serious car problems if neglected. When you have your brake pads changed, the mechanics at All Around Auto Repair will also change your brake fluid.

Check for Leaks and Tire Performance 

Checking the brake fluid on your vehicle can also lead to finding a leak. If you push your brake pedal down slowly and it doesn’t come to a stop then you’re probably dealing with a brake fluid leak somewhere.

Tire leaks are also one of the more common car problems hurting the performance of a company’s fleet. A corroded or damaged valve stem is often the root cause behind a lot of tire leaks.

By checking and fixing a broken valve stem your tires won’t run flat and you’ll get much better fuel economy. Tire bead leaks are another common cause of leaks that All Around Auto Repair can fix.

It’s recommended that you change your tires about every 50,000 miles and have them rotated with every oil change (approximately every 5,000 miles).

One leak that often starts out as not-that-serious but can eventually cause serious damage to your engine is a coolant leak. A coolant leak that’s not fixed can lead to your engine overheating and your fleet taking a serious hit.

Scheduling an inspection and tuneup with All Around Auto Repair is a surefire way to boost the efficiency of your entire fleet and check for the most common car problems.