The battery is what supplies every electrical part in a car with energy.  You know that the battery is to be replaced but when?  Is there anyway to verify when your battery is going to malfunction?  What is its lifespan?  Let’s first take a look at why you are required to change your battery.  Most cars have lead-acid batteries which are constructed with six cells of lead and lead-oxide plates and filled with electrolyte (diluted sulfuric acid). As time goes by, a lead-acid battery loses its volume due to sulfation.  Over time, it would decrease so low that the battery would not be able to get your car up and running.  A car battery is estimated to last for about 5 to 7 years.  If your car functions on a day to day basis then your battery should last longer. Moreover, a fully charged battery tends to last longer. Your car battery can die in the event you left the car parked for a long period of time and if you overcharge your battery it can cause damage. Consequently issues with your car’s charging system can cause your battery to malfunction before the rightful time.

Signs That Show Your Car Battery Is No Good

Determining when your battery will malfunction can be complex however they are some symptoms that you can look for.  A malfunctioning battery loses its volume causing it to maintain less charge than when it was first bought.  If the volume of the battery is low then this can cause the engine to be far slower than before. This can be a set back for many motorists who wish to have a vehicle that is operating at its best.

So , can I not evaluate my battery’s condition?  Yes, your mechanic can test your battery with a battery tester.  Today most car dealers and car repair shops have computerized battery testers.  These not only give the condition of the battery, but they also test the charging and starting system.  The cost of a battery and charging test is between $35 to $60.  Sometimes they are also given as promotional offers. A printout of the battery test is given which states the present volume of your battery and the quantification of the starting and charging system.  Normally the test will indicate if the battery is required to be charged or replaced. Contact us for more information.