Vehicle Maintenance Are you spending a fortune on petrol just to get around town? In an effort to improve fuel efficiency in vehicles and cut spending at the pump drivers should make it a practice to bring their vehicles in for regular vehicle maintenance services. This will ensure vehicles are always in good working condition while helping drivers to utilize every last drop of fuel they put into the tank.

Regular Inspection is an Essential Part of Vehicle Maintenance

When tires are underinflated they tend to increase rolling resistance by at least 5% which can cause a vehicle to consume more fuel. So getting tires evaluated at least once a month to ensure that they’re carrying the appropriate pressure will eliminate any issues it might cause with a vehicle’s fuel economy.

Inspecting vehicle battery cables is also very important as corroded battery cables can cause the alternator to work harder which in turn increases the amount of fuel used. So cleaning battery cables each time you get an engine check would be a good idea to ensure they’re in good condition.

Checking suspension and chassis parts for misalignment is also another essential part of regular vehicle maintenance. Axles, worn shocks, bent wheels or damaged springs all contribute to drag in a vehicle which can gradually drain fuel. Given these circumstances prompt repair is the best way handle any issues with the vehicle’s suspension or chassis parts.  This helps to maintain the fuel efficiency band and keeps your vehicle working at its best.

Vehicle Maintenance Includes Regular Oil Changes With Recommended Grade Motor Oil

Another resourceful way drivers can utilize to improve fuel efficiency in vehicles is by scheduling regular oil changes using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil. For instance a driver uses 10W-30 motor oil in an engine designed to use 5W-30 it can lower his/her gas mileage.  Therefore using the particular brand motor oil recommended by the manufacturer helps to maintain fuel efficiency in your vehicle as it was specifically designed for your model car. Additionally since the the motor oil is typically seen as the ‘blood of a vehicle’ making sure that oil changes are conducted at the recommended time is also very important not only for the vehicle’s fuel economy but to ensure smooth operation.

Get The Highest Quality Vehicle Maintenance Services At All Round Auto Repair

Other than improving fuel efficiency regular vehicle maintenance ensures the longevity of vehicles and that they’re in proper working conditions while driving on roads. Here at All Round Auto we offer the highest quality maintenance services for vehicles in Santa Rosa. With a high customer satisfaction rating and affordable pricing our company provides great service to all clients. From transmission servicing to engine maintenance our professional, dedicated, staff are available to handle all your vehicle maintenance or repair needs. Contact us for more information.