Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Your company’s fleet of vehicles is an asset that cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. You don’t want this huge investment to wear down too early. Instead, you want to get the most productivity that you can out of each vehicle in the fleet. That is why you need your vehicles to undergo regular fleet vehicle maintenance. This will ensure that your company’s vehicles keep running smoothly for a very long time. That being said, you don’t just want your fleet vehicle maintenance to overlook critical factors. You want your fleet vehicle maintenance to cover all of your bases. To that end, make sure that you check that all of the following steps listed below are completed each time.

Primary working parts

Without your tires, brakes, axle, engine and other working parts, your corporate vehicle fleet wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. Make sure that your car will drive smoothly by adding the following tasks to your fleet vehicle maintenance checklist:

  • Brake condition check
  • General engine inspection (especially if the engine light is on)
  • Timing belt check
  • Tire condition check
  • Tire rotation and alignment


If the fluids in your vehicle are dirty, worn down or simply used up, then your fleet vehicle will be facing some serious problems. For example, low engine oil levels can cause a vehicle to overheat, and even catch on fire; low windshield washer fluid can cause a dangerous situation if the windshield is splattered with a visibility-blocking substance during a drive. Each fluid in your vehicle is designed to promote the safety and driveability of your fleet vehicles; that is why checking or replacing the following fluids should always be a part of your fleet vehicle maintenance routine:

Fluids to routinely replace

  • Engine oil
  • Transmission fluid

Fluids to check and refill as needed

  • Brake fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Radiator fluid
  • Antifreeze fluid
  • Power steering fluid


The exterior of the car is what creates its appearance; this is a direct reflection on your brand. In addition, your fleet vehicle’s exterior also contains a few valuable components that will affect your workers’ ability to drive. To ensure that your fleet vehicles’ exteriors are in proper order, the following tasks should be on your fleet vehicle maintenance checklist:

  • Checks and repairs for any scratches, dents and other cosmetic damage on the vehicle
  • Headlight operation and clarity check
  • Taillight operation and clarity check
  • Windshield wiper condition check
  • Windshield washer spray nozzle condition check and cleaning
  • Bed structure inspection (for pickup and dump trucks)


The condition of the inside of your corporate fleet vehicles is just as important as everything else for ensuring that your employees can focus on driving around so that they can do their jobs. For example, it would be difficult for an employee to effectively focus on the road if a fleet vehicle’s heating system isn’t working on a seven degree Fahrenheit day. Avoid problems like this by ensuring that your fleet vehicle maintenance checklist includes the following tasks:

  • Check for seatbelt functionality
  • Window defroster check
  • Window functionality check
  • AC system check
  • Heating system check
  • Door alignment and functionality check
  • Cabin lighting check
  • Seat mobility check

Keep your corporate vehicle fleet running like new

Regular fleet vehicle maintenance is key to ensuring that your company’s vehicles run smoothly for a long time. This is so important, in fact, that a vehicle that undergoes a great deal of strain, but receives the proper fleet vehicle maintenance will outlast one that simply gets driven around with a light load. To learn more about how to maintain the condition of your fleet vehicles, contact us.