The goal behind fleet vehicle management is to minimize the risk of transporting products and improve efficiency at your company. You can get there by making sure your vehicles are code compliant and by taking care of your fleet’s vehicles with regular fleet vehicle maintenance.

The truth is that fleet vehicle maintenance forms the cornerstone of your fleet management because without ongoing maintenance you’ll experience less efficiency and you might even risk the safety of your drivers. To get your products from A to B safely and efficiently, you need to outsource your fleet vehicle maintenance to local professionals who know what to look for.Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Since fleet management is all about realizing efficiencies along your supply chains you might be tempted to try to eke out a few more dollars by skimping on fleet vehicle maintenance. That’s not a road that you really want to go down, though, as neglecting vehicle fleet maintenance leads to mounting inefficiencies that become more apparent as time passes and your business matures.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance is Cost-efficient

Properly managing your fleet of company vehicles means getting regular maintenance on every single car or truck used to deliver your products and services to local customers throughout California. When you bring in your company’s fleet to All Around Auto Repair you’ll be eligible for a free quote and diagnostics so that you know what needs improvement.

Your fleet will likely need routine oil changes, break checks and other kinds of preventive maintenance in order to pave the way for truly efficient fleet management. In practice, when your entire fleet is operating without any hiccups you’re saving on fuel costs and improving your efficiency every day. Without regular fleet vehicle maintenance you risk an emergency, extra expenses and falling behind schedule. That can risk losing customers as well.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Lowers Risks

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that work-related transportation accidents were up nearly 10% in 2016 and that improper fleet vehicle maintenance could be partly to blame. In fact, the BLS found that two out of five severe workplace mishaps were because of oversights in transportation. In other words, fleet vehicle maintenance could literally be a life-or-death matter for your business and its staff.

How long has it been since the brakes on your fleet’s vehicles were tested thoroughly? If you can’t remember then it’s likely been too long between visits and your fleet might be overdue for a tuneup. Fleet vehicle maintenance can clue you into problems that you didn’t even anticipate: All Around Auto Repair can diagnose hard-to-spot steering issues, brake problems and previously undiagnosed though serious engine problems.

Most people go to the doctor’s office regularly, especially as they age, to get a checkup and ensure that everything is running efficiently. The same should be true of your company’s fleet. Your company’s fleet is the lifeblood of your business and likely one of the most important connections between your business and the communities that you serve. Why leave the success of your business and health of your fleet’s drivers to chance?

Decrease or Eliminate Unexpected Downtime

Fleet management is able to save your business money thanks to better planning, higher delivery speeds and improved vehicle telematics. Regular vehicle fleet maintenance can guarantee that those benefits keep flowing to your business by reducing the downtime of your fleet’s vehicles.

This means less last-second juggling to compensate for underperforming or broken-down vehicles and fewer long-term expenses for things like replacement vehicles, tow service and extra logistics costs. Routine vehicle fleet management enables more efficiency and fewer speed bumps along the way. Contact us for more information.