A surefire way to make sure that your company’s fleet of vehicles goes the distance is to get a routine tune up. There’s more that goes into a tune up than an oil change and brake check though. Everyone knows that you need to get an oil change about every 5,000 miles, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong thanks to the daily wear and tear exerted on your fleet. Getting your personal and company vehicles checked out by a trained, certified and experienced mechanic is critical for your safety and, as it turns out, your bottom line.

A Tune-up is the the Way to go

Say Hello to Years of Stress-free Driving

Tune upVehicles that receive a regular tune up enjoy greater fuel efficiency and fewer problems down the road. A mechanic can spot a problem early on that would otherwise snowball into a more serious issue. When you get a tune up, you’ll get your oil and brakes checked out and new oil, gaskets (if leakage is found) or filters if your vehicles need those things to operate at their best.

Why wait until something goes wrong? A regular tune up will ensure that your engine is working as it should. At a tune up you’ll also get your fluids topped off and your tires checked and filled back up so that you can be more confident moving forward. A tune up can also help ensure that you’re never rushing to call a tow truck in the event of a breakdown. Why take the chance if you don’t have to? Schedule a tune up today and cross this item off your list.

Get Better Fuel Economy and Save

By getting a regular tune up you’ll probably get better fuel economy in the short, medium and long term on all of your vehicles. That’s because a tune up gives you new fuel filters, which helps to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicles. That means that your vehicles will use less gas as they go about their business. Less gas means fewer costs which means that you’ll have more money in your pocket to spend on more important things.

New spark plugs also improve your cars’ fuel efficiency and mean that you won’t have to spend so much on gassing up your fleet. Your entire ignition system and engine will get a full diagnostic rundown when you come in for a tune up. As part of a comprehensive checkout you’ll also get your air filter looked at and cleaned. The air filter on your vehicle helps to ensure that harmful contaminants and other debris don’t get into and clog up your engine.

Checking out the air filters in your vehicles might even help to protect your safety and the safety of your workers since regulations have been in place since 2002 requiring in-cabin air filters. These kinds of filters work to prevent pollen and more serious pollutants from entering through the AC and heating system of your vehicles: Another way that getting a regular tune up helps you breathe a little easier.

Protect Your Investment Long Term

In the same way that going to the doctor and getting a physical can help spot issues before they get serious, a regular tune up can repair any potential issues before they become truly unignorable. If you’re hearing strange engine sounds or ignoring maintenance lights, then it really might be time to come in for a tune up. Underinflated tires and clogged filters can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Come in and have your vehicle checked out: It’s a guaranteed way to protect your investment.  Contact us for more information.