Although some people hate to admit it, when it comes to maintaining the integrity of a vehicle it’s better to pay the small costs required to keep it in tip-top shape than to face the big expenses that come along with big car problems.

Truth be told, tune-ups and auto maintenance jobs are usually less expensive than paying a mechanic for extensive repairs. You see, minor upkeep is also good for promoting the longevity of vehicles.

In fact, this cannot be stressed enough as no one wants to be stranded because their vehicle stalls or worse get injured because of a malfunction that may lead to an accident.

A little extra effort can go a long way toward preventing extravagant repair costs for your vehicle.

With that said, here are five auto maintenance tips that vehicle owners can use, to stay on top of things and avoid the need to pay dearly, to make repairs to their ride. These include:

What the Experts Consider to be Auto Maintenance the Right Way!

  1. Conducting Regular Oil Changes

Auto MaintenanceTypically, if you’re carrying out auto maintenance the right way then you should be giving your vehicle a regular oil change after every 5,000 miles, depending on the make of the vehicle and the type of motor oil used.

I mean, what can it hurt to bring your vehicle into an auto maintenance shop for a regular oil check and change at only a small charge?

You can be assured that it’s way better and cheaper to do this than to risk wearing out the vehicle’s engine—which to be honest, costs a lot more to replace.

  1. Regular fluid Checks Are Essential

Just like a regular oil change, checking the fluid levels and condition in your vehicle, is also a vital part of adequate auto maintenance.

Transmission fluid, engine coolant, power steering fluid and water should all be checked and replenished as needed. If you discover that any of these are running low, it is important to add the required fluids immediately as failure to do so can lead to engine malfunction.

  1. Changing Filters Should Not Be Ignored

Changing your vehicle’s oil filter regularly is one of the cardinal rules of auto maintenance, however, there are several other filters inside your car that will also require regular maintenance.

Basically, The Air Filter cleans the air that enters the engine for combustion, while The Cabin Air Filter helps to clean and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the car’s cabin airflow stream. Other than this The Fuel Filter functions to remove impurities from petrol fuel and water in diesel fuel.

Remember this practice plays an integral role in the auto maintenance and the longevity of your car. So check your filters regularly and don’t hesitate to replace when needed.

  1. Replacing Brake Pads Is Critical

As part of driving, braking is a very important function as it enables vehicles to stop whenever required. Bottom line is that brakes ensure safety and they’re required by law to be in good condition.

So, don’t wait until you hear a squeaking sound or you go for brakes and they don’t work, to realize that your brakes need replacing. Remember the cost of keeping your brakes in perfect shape is way less than rear-ending that Mercedes in front of you.

  1. Don’t Forget The Upkeep Of The Vehicle Battery

Though not always a popular component to inspect, keeping things clean and making sure each piece is in place properly should ALWAYS be taken into consideration with vehicle batteries.

Corrosion (which resembles a white or bluish powder) can form on the terminals of your battery. If not kept clean, could cause the battery to develop a crack or not function properly.

Longevity of vehicle batteries largely depends on how the car is driven and the maintenance it’s given, however, with daily driving a battery should last for 5-7 years or more.

Don’t Put Off Auto Maintenance – Get Yours Done Today!

Of course, there are several other things that drivers can do including checking tire pressure, checking for leaks, inspecting for loose nuts and bolts etc. to ensure that they provide adequate auto maintenance for their vehicles.

Look at it this way, the more proactive you are about keeping up with auto maintenance, the less money you’ll spend on it. That means you can watch your savings grow while staying on track with the health and longevity of your vehicle.

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