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Although it’s typical for us drivers to follow the manufacturer’s auto maintenance schedule when it comes to vehicle maintenance, many of us still don’t know exactly what is involved in our car’s annual servicing.

Not only are a lot of us guilty of ditching or putting off auto maintenance but sometimes we don’t do all that’s required to ensure auto maintenance is as thorough as it should be and fail to pay attention to many critical components of the process.

As a result of this, a lot of things still go wrong with our vehicles which can not only be a major inconvenience to us but can place a strain on our budget as well.

So, to clear up any confusion surrounding the ‘right way’ to carry out auto maintenance here is some insightful advice that aims at helping drivers to better understand what’s required to ensure their vehicle stays in superb, working, condition.

Understanding The Importance Of Auto Maintenance 

Auto Maintenance Just like visiting the dentist, people are often reprimanded for not taking auto maintenance as serious or conducting it as regular as they should.

Now, just like the dentist, auto maintenance is important for a number of reasons and if neglected will eventually result in a series of problems. To name a few, here are some common problems that can arise when auto maintenance is not made a priority.

*Safety Risks, Regular Malfunctions, and Expensive Repairs 

Scheduling regular auto maintenance enables drivers to identify problems early on so that they don’t become bigger problems and expenses, later down the road.

Basically, as part of auto maintenance, all the key components in the vehicle should be checked including fluid levels and condition checks brake condition and tire pressure checks, battery check, diagnostic check, oil change etc.

Performing regular auto maintenance is one of the cardinal rules of vehicle ownership and is heavily emphasized because it not only ensures safety but it is the only way for vehicles to stay in good working order.

*No Warranty Coverage 

With most vehicle warranties, it’s highly likely that you will find a  disclosure in the Terms & Conditions which states, that it’s the responsibility of the vehicle owner to conduct regular auto maintenance following the manufacturer’s schedule.

Failure to do so as part of these terms can lead to the refusal to perform cover work, especially if a part were to fault due to ‘lack of proper maintenance’.

So it’s important to make sure that you follow your auto maintenance schedule and document your service history

VHC’s Should Come As Part Of Maintenance 

Ever heard of a VHC? Well, a VHC refers to a Visual Health Check or a visual inspection of a vehicle which is performed to ensure that components are functioning as they should. Usually, this aspect of maintenance includes:

  • Fluid levels and condition check.
  • Tire pressure and tire wear check.
  • Brake disc and pad wear.
  • Wiper blade check.
  • Wheel alignment.
  • Diagnostic check
  • Oil change
  • Tune-up
  • Air conditioning check.

Depending on the condition of each component this will determine the level of service that the vehicle may or may not require.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Maintenance

Q: Can I get my car serviced at an auto shop of my choice and still maintain my warranty?

A: Of course. You see, unlike warranty work, car servicing can be done practically anywhere, however, if this is what you choose to do it’s important to ensure that you work with only genuine manufacturer parts as this could invalidate the warranty.

Q: Must auto maintenance be conducted on the same date every year?

A: No.  When it comes to auto maintenance schedules, vehicle owners do have some leeway of a few weeks or few hundred miles between servicing dates without it being an issue, however, the closer you can conduct auto maintenance to the anniversary of registration or next mileage interval, the better.

Q: Can I neglect maintenance a few months, or leave it out entirely?

A: Absolutely not. Skipping out on auto maintenance is not only bad for your vehicle but it spells trouble for its warranty. Not performing vehicle maintenance can leave room for all sorts of problems to develop which can cost you far more than you bargained for.

Is Maintenance Due For Your Vehicle?

Typically, each vehicle make will have a slightly different auto maintenance schedule, however, this is no reason to neglect or skip out on auto maintenance.

Ensure your vehicle is in proper working condition and compliant with road standards by conducting thorough and regular auto maintenance.

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