Can you count how many times having good brakes have saved you from ? You probably can’t; A driver can encounter numerous challenges while driving daily which is why it is absolutely important to ensure that you commit to routine brake inspection before you take to the road.

Keep An Eye Out For Signs That Scream – “BRAKE INSPECTION NEEDED !!!!!! ”

7 Telltale Signs You Need Brake Inspection Or Repair 

Brake Inspection Getting brake inspection conducted regularly is always a smart move, but keeping a sharp eye and a keen ear for active problems can be just as good once you know what to look for. Here is a list of 7 telltale signs that suggest brake inspection or repair is definitely required. These include:

  • If you hear squeaking, clicking, or grinding noises when applying brakes
  • The brake pedal nearly goes close the floor before brakes engage.
  • The brake pedal vibrates when engaged.
  • The driver has to apply increased pressure to the pedal for brakes to engage.
  • Slight taps on the pedal cause your brakes to grab.
  • The Brake light comes on in the dashboard.
  • If a vehicle constantly pulls to one side while braking; this could be a malfunctioning caliper.

Apart from the usual indicators, it’s important that people realize that the brakes, like many other components in vehicles, have to be replaced at some point. Typically, there are several other factors that can contribute to brake repair or replacement, and can sometimes be because of something as simple as our own driving habits or the quality of the lining of brakes in vehicles.

However, one of the more severe indicators that your brakes are shot is when a slim metal plate called a brake wear indicator scrapes your rotor to give you a loud screech and basically acts as a warning to drivers to let them know their brakes need changing.

What To Expect With Brake Inspection – Detect Issues Beforehand & Avoid High Car Repair Bills  

Brake inspection is considered to be so important, that it should be conducted as regular as a scheduled oil change. Why? Well for one, driver’s ought to make their safety and the safety of other road users a priority. Moreover, they should consider the amount of money they can save just by avoiding expensive car problems that can be the result of not inspecting and maintaining brakes.

A complete brake job typically consists of :

  • Inspecting the entire brake system to determine the condition of all its major components.
  • Identifying and conducting any repairs that are necessary to restore the brakes to the proper operating condition.

The process should begin with a thorough visual inspection of the entire brake system, including measuring lining thickness front and rear, the condition of the lines, hoses, calipers and wheel cylinders. It also includes checking the condition and appearance of the brake fluid, checking the feel of the brake pedal and ensuring that the brake and ABS warning lights come on then go out when the ignition is turned on.

If for any reason you are seeing that the ABS warning light is on, you automatically know that there is a fault somewhere that needs to be investigated, diagnosed and fixed.

Get Regular Brake Inspection And Pass Vehicle Inspection With Flying Colors

Walk into your vehicle inspection appointment with the confidence that you’ll be getting a pass because like all the other components in your vehicle your brakes should be inspected and well maintained.

Don’t be blindsided and receive a failing grade for simple things that a brake inspection would easily detect and fix. After all, safety is very important and you don’t want to be dealing with any unnecessary inconveniences that cause you to be without your vehicle.

If you have been experiencing any symptoms that suggest that your braking system has a problem or you want to come in to get a brake inspection done  we’re here to help;  Feel free to contact us at All Round Auto Repair at: 707-837-0646 to book your appointment or you can visit our website: for more information.

Once an inspection is done we’ll diagnose any problems and provide an estimate for repairs. This leaves only one question; Is your vehicle due for brake inspection?