Owning a car is a wonderful thing. Car repair, on the other hand, is not so great. Unless you were raised in a grease pit with a torque wrench in your hand, you probably have no desire to work on your car, nor would you really want to. You may have taken an auto-mechanic class in high school, have some skill with a wrench, and even know where to get the best deals on parts. But the truth is, working on a vehicle requires more than skill and a few tools–today’s automobiles are complicated, and comprised of integrated high-tech systems that only a mechanic with advanced training can understand. Just look under your hood–do you recognize anything? Just changing the spark plugs could be more involved than you may realize.

Brake repair

Car Repair Considerations

Car repair should be taken seriously. For instance, changing the front brake pads may seem like a simple job, but do you have the right tools? What happens if you break something? Do you understand how an Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS) works? What effect will this have on the back brakes? Do you really want to be rolling around in the dirt to fix your brakes, anyway? Do you even have or know how to use jack stands?

Ignoring safety concerns is a quick way to get hurt, or worse. Forgetting to put the car in park, block the wheels, or properly support the weight of the car with a rated jack can spell disaster in a hurry. Car repair, particularly when it comes to safety, should be left to the professionals.

Why You Should Take Your Car To A Professional Garage

While the pros and cons of DIY car repair may be debatable, it’s smarter to let the professionals handle your auto repair needs. When you take your car to a garage, you are putting it in our capable hands, those of trained mechanics who have all the specialized tools required and are equipped for the job. Many of today’s auto mechanics are college graduates, trained to recognize and repair your modern vehicle’s high-tech, often computerized systems, as well as operate the advanced tools needed for the job. When you take your car to our garage, you get:

  • An explanation as to what’s wrong with your car, and a free estimate as to how much it will cost to fix.
  • A professional diagnostics test (done with a computerized scope that checks out all those confusing wires and gadgets).
  • A professional service garage that is equipped to lift your vehicle safely, and to a height where we can do the job easily and correctly.
  • Professional mechanics who have specialized tools to do the job right–we can do everything on your car from a simple oil change to a complete engine overhaul.
  • Advanced training and experience.
  • Your car repair needs will be addressed quickly, safely, correctly.

A Professional Car Repair Service.

Never take car repair lightly; always bring your car to us. We are All Around Auto Repair a professional auto repair shop serving the greater Santa Rosa, CA area. We offer professional car repair and services, including brakes, engines, transmissions, and general automotive repairs. Don’t waste time and money trying to fix it yourself. Let us do the work for you, instead.