Automotive technology focuses on building, repairing and maintaining cars, trucks and other automotive vehicles. This is a fairly wide umbrella to work in, but put it this way: cars, trucks, vans: if it’s an automotive vehicle, it falls under automotive technology.

In older days, automotive technology was mostly focused on its mechanical aspects. Your original cars ran on a simpler fuel and worked differently compared to the ones of today- today’s vehicles can run on electricity, they can feature full-powered computers, they can even drive themselves. The main area of focus in the automotive world  is still in the mechanics.  This includes dealing with electrical systems, brake systems, engines and fuel systems, etc.


What Careers Fall Under Automotive Technology?

Quite a few! The quickest that should come to mind are car repair technicians, but in actuality, the careers under automotive technology can range from a technician on the floor to an owner of a car repair store. Every shop you’ve ever been in to fix up your car, give it an oil change, replace your engine, or even give it something like a new paint job had qualified automotive technology experts at work on your vehicle.

Automotive technology is really an umbrella term for not just all sorts of vehicles- but all sorts of careers that deal with those vehicles, including repairs, customization and more. You can find automotive technicians working on building and testing cars in factories owned by the biggest car manufacturers in the world.

Where is Automotive Technology Going in the Future?

Quite a few places! As computers and smartphones become smaller and more powerful and as the Internet becomes an even bigger part of our lives, our cars are going to start taking on the features required to keep up with the rest of the world. In the future, we’ll have autonomous vehicles- like Google’s self-driving cars on the road. We’ll also see advancements like bio-metric vehicle access- kind of like how smartphones can let you in with a fingerprint now. Other possible features start stretching the capabilities of our modern technology. This is like your windshield being used as a HUD display.

To learn more about where automotive technology is going in the future, feel free to read Forbes’ article on the matter.

Before the future comes, however, you may be thinking about the car that you have now. To learn more about automotive technology, check out the rest of our blogs. If you live in Santa Rosa, California, you’re welcome to contact us for a consultation. You can also stop by our shop for the full suite of automotive repair solutions.