Having a vehicle is one of life’s simple pleasures. Being able to go when and where you want to at a moments notice, gives us a sense of freedom. From an early age we’ve all dreamed of that perfect car that we want to own someday. As you may know; automobiles are just like people in a way and has to be taken care of properly. You wouldn’t go to just any doctor to get medical attention for yourself and just like automobiles, you shouldn’t just go to any mechanic for service. This is why All Around Auto Repair is a leader in this business. Highly skilled technicians and high-tech equipment work hand in hand to give you your right to repair in a professional manner. Let’s have a look.

Founded in 2001, All Around Auto Repair has experience in repairing and servicing a wide range of cars of every make and model. This shop, located in Windsor, CA is a leader and the most reputable auto repair shop in the area. Dale Johnson (owner) has provided the best and most supportive for over 20 years.

Vehicle Technician Services

  • Diagnostic Tests
  • General Car Care Tune-Ups
  • Scheduled Maintenance (30k/60k/90k)
  • Overhauls and Engine Works
  • Repair and Service of Transmission
  • And a host of many more…

Trying to do all of your own maintenance can be a pain and if you don’t know what you’re doing; you can really do more harm than good, costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Having a professional auto technician handle all of your vehicle issues is the way to go. When having problems you need high quality professional service. Having automobile issues can come from accidents or neglect. With so many advanced features inside vehicles; drivers are easily distracted, causing crashes, wrecks, and finder benders, which all require services.


Different Types of Maintenance Services in Detail

  1. Oil Changes- Lubricates and prevent clogging. The engine is like a heart and the oil is like blood. Having regular oil and filter changes is a necessity which keeps the engine running smooth. Rule of thumb; try changing your oil every 3,000 miles.
  2. Bad Brakes- This issue is common and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Any screeching noises means brake trouble. Being able to stop abruptly can save the lives of you or someone else. Many accidents were caused by worn out break pads.
  3. Tune-Up- While there are many other services available, the tune-up is also one of the most neglected. This routine maintenance insures that everything is working correctly and will find any hidden issues. Diagnostic Analyzer inspects the fuel system, ignition, and emissions with a thoroughly. Also a complete computer scan is used, which can help detect issues in the exhaust system or electronic sensor.
  4. Tire Changing- This service is very basic but vital for your safety as well. Tires takes the brunt of your driving just as much as the engine. Uneven alignments will put extra stress on the car at times also. Try rotating the tires between 5,000 and 7,000 miles to keep things balanced.

As you can see, this is a short rundown of the services available. All Around Auto Repair has the best auto technicians. If you’re in the Windsor, CA (Santa Rosa Area) contact us by for professional service at an affordable price.