Vehicle repair is essential especially when in comes to your fan belt. Your vehicle’s fan belt is essential to its operation.  If the cohesion is weakened or damaged, your vehicle’s critical networks could experience severe damage. A vehicle’s engine, power steering pump, air conditioner, alternator and other components could be affected if your vehicle’s fan belts are not well preserved. Don’t neglect your fan belt or serpentine to continue to be in your vehicle for a prolonged period without replacing them.

Fan Belt Maintenance – Why Its Worth It

Vehicle-Repair-What-Shape-is-Your-Fan-Belt-In-all-around-auto-CAThe fan belt or the drive belt as it is also called is made of rubber. It links the AC, power steering and alternator to your engine’s crankshaft.  The crankshaft then releases power to these components.  If your fan belt is not operating appropriately, then your vehicle’s electrical accessory parts will not function and your vehicle’s battery would not reach its maximum potential.

After a while your fan belt will split due to heat coming from your engine.  Generally, this happens around the 30,000 to 40,000 mile level.  Therefore, it is suggested that you have your fan belt maintained before it gets to the mileage mark.

If your vehicle’s fan belt had to split, it would be hard to turn your steering wheel. Hence, it can be a hazard in the making when you refuse to have a fan belt inspection.  If you have an aged vehicle and you hear squealing noises from your engine it may be possible that your vehicle’s fan belt may require replacing or modifying.  Frequently, on cold mornings, you may hear squealing noises when you switch on your vehicle or when you travel around steep corners.  Other general signs of a faulty fan belt is an overheating engine or an instructive battery warning light.

When a fan belt splits, the engine could become badly damaged or might no longer work.  Consequently, automatic vehicle owners should have their fan belts examined quite frequently.

A fan belt replacement cost is very small, in comparison to the devastation that can take place if a faulty fan belt is left in your vehicle.  When having your routine maintenance done, a professional technician can examine and exchange a fan belt if required. Contact us at All Around Auto Repair.  Our professional and trustworthy technicians will give your vehicle the most expert inspection.