You might, naturally enough, think that since your car has a body that all car shops are body shops, but that’s not always the case. Some, but certainly not all, car shops are also body shops, and many body shops don’t go routine maintenance or under-the-hood repairs.

That said, auto mechanics and technicians at most car shops can help you with routine maintenance and keeping your vehicle current vis-a-vis your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule with oil changes, tire rotations, and more.

Most shops can also find replacement parts for your vehicle, like brake pads, filters, or a muffler for your exhaust system. Some repair shops even specialize in a certain system, particular vehicle makes, and specific types of vehicle modification.

Car Shops for Used Car Inspections

The joke is that the warranty on used car sales lasts about as long as you can see the previous owner’s taillights disappearing in the distance and becoming anonymous in traffic. All humor evaporates, though, if you discover a big problem down the road.

Don’t become a statistic – get a used car inspection at All Around Auto Repair. Mechanics not only have a critical eye to look for exterior damage with a visual inspection (e.g., tires, headlights, engine, even undercarriage) but technicians have the diagnostic tools to discover subtler, deeper issues.

All Around Auto Repair provides inspections, routine maintenance, and repairs on all of your vehicle’s major systems. Make a pit stop at All Around Auto Repair if you need a used car inspection and you’re in the Santa Rosa area.

You really need to have a used car inspection if you’re thinking about buying used and hoping to avoid a lemon. After all, a vehicle is one of the more big-ticket items you’re likely to make in life, aside from a new home or college tuition.

Check for Recalls 

Qualified mechanics at All Around Auto Repair can quickly determine whether any recalls have been made on this particular make and model or whether there’s any serious after-market work was done that the prospective seller is keeping hush-hush.

Inspect All Major Systems 

A used car inspection at All Around Auto Repair checks all of the major systems and fluid levels: transmission, steering and suspension, braking, air conditioning, and all kinds of fluid levels (e.g., transmission fluid and radiator fluid).

Beyond the Usual Suspects 

There are more subtle “usual suspects” to used car deals gone wrong. Checking the undercarriage for damage, checking the struts and shock absorbers, and checking for leaks with the oil pan can save you a lot of trouble later if those items are included in your used car inspection.

Check the Filters 

One other area of used car inspections that is sometimes overlooked is filters. It can be tempting to assume a velvety, clean interior mirrors everything checking out under the hood, but looks can frequently be deceiving.

All Around Auto Repair’s mechanics and technicians will ensure that all four main filters on the vehicle you’re considering buying (and/or selling!) are in tip-top shape. These four filters would be: the oil filter, cabin filter, fuel filter, and air filter.

Incredible Affordable Auto Inspections 

All Around Auto Repair can provide you with the confidence and peace of mind to go through with your used car purchase. There’s obviously some anxiety about buying a used car because of what economists call an information asymmetry – the owner knows a lot more than you do about the condition of the car!

The best way to balance things in your favor is to take the vehicle you’re thinking about buying or selling in to All Around Auto Repair for a used car inspection. If you’re selling then your used car will suddenly command a higher price at market because you take away the prospective owner’s uncertainty. For buyers, the benefits to a used car inspection are obvious in that you won’t get a clunker!

The best part might be that used car inspections are incredibly affodable compared to even one or two repairs that could result from buying a used car without an inspection. Schedule a used car inspection with All Around Auto Repair today.