Fleet managers now have more tools and technology at their disposal.  Its no doubt that a business lives and dies by how well you keep up with fleet vehicle maintenance.

Whether you manage a local business that makes deliveries or a large distribution center, you need your company vehicles running in top shape. Here are some tips to keep up with routine tune-ups and fleet vehicle maintenance.

Track Your Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Needs

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Whether you’re using the latest fleet management apps or simply keeping paper logs, use a system to track mileage and other data. Software can help by sending alerts when you’re due for scheduled fleet vehicle maintenance. Over time, you can use the data to figure out how often each truck needs unscheduled maintenance, so you can start planning ahead.

Come in Seasonally

Some items on any fleet vehicle maintenance checklist are even more important at the changing of the seasons. This can include antifreeze and coolant checks, air filter cleaning, wiper fluid refills, and other small tasks.

Perhaps most importantly, you need to come in for fleet vehicle maintenance to get the tires rotated or replaced before the hottest part of summer and any winter storm seasons.

Get Your Drivers Involved

Some drivers feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for their work vehicle, but you might have to encourage them to speak up. They might ignore small problems like whining brakes or loud spark plugs if the issue crops up while they’re very busy.

If drivers switch between different trucks and vans depending on the day, it’s even more important to talk to them about fleet vehicle maintenance. Offer a request form or some way for drivers to report when a given fleet vehicle needs service. Make sure they know you’d rather need to send the vehicle out for a tune-up than deal with a breakdown later.

Request Any Specific Maintenance You Need

A top-reviewed auto repair shop that works on fleet vehicles will be familiar with your needs and conduct thorough inspections. However, it never hurts to specify exactly what services you need included in your fleet vehicle maintenance.

Has a truck been driving around the country through rain and snow? Does the transmission fluid need to be topped up constantly? Did a rock or piece of debris perhaps cause damage to the undercarriage?

When dropping off for fleet vehicle maintenance, feel free to share questions or concerns so your mechanics can be extra certain to check into every detail we should address.

All Around Auto Repair helps fleet managers in the Santa Rosa area stay on top of their scheduled maintenance and get fast, professional auto repairs when the unexpected occurs. Contact us to schedule fleet vehicle maintenance.