The average driver in the United States is putting about 13,000 miles on their vehicle every single year. That puts a lot of wear and tear on vehicles, but it also means that you’re probably pretty good at spotting problems.

Here’s the thing – while the average driver is spotting some of the most common symptoms that need immediate auto service (e.g., fluid leaks, funky smells, and/or decreasing gas mileage), s/he might not have the time, knowledge, or frankly inclination to make the needed repairs.

All Around Auto Repair Does It All 

That’s where All Around Auto Repair comes in. The following issues all deal with problems with needed auto service on all of your vehicle’s systems that All Around Auto Repair can fix: fuel, exhaust, lubrication, cooling, electrical, and chassis (wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension).

Track Down the Source of Leaks 

As an example to get started, you might have noticed a bunch of “gook” or something leaking from the front of your vehicle as you pulled out from your parking space and thought you should do something about it. Where do you even start?

The truth is that the color can be a partial giveaway – bright green or pink is generally coolant (a.k.a., antifreeze) whereas an auburn color can be a variety of different leaks (e.g., engine oil, transmission fluid, or even brake fluid). That implicates a few possible systems in your vehicle.

What’s the Problem? Get Diagnostics 

Your best bet is scheduling an appointment with All Around Auto Repair for auto service and getting a full diagnostic test, including electrical, to pinpoint the source of the leak. You might, though, be pretty good at identifying a black puddle as an oil leak – oil starts out amber before lubricating the engine!

What’s a bit harder to discern for your average driver is the cause of the oil leak. It could well be a failed gasket.

If the mechanics at All Around Auto Repair look around and determine that’s the case, then they’ll need to move quickly to replace the gasket that day. Why? Because getting an oil leak fixed is critical for optimizing performance and avoiding engine damage.

Auto Issues Can Spill Over 

A lot of the time the oil leak is on the ground, but another system could be implicated if, for instance, you notice excessive smoke coming out of your exhaust.

Blue smoke can mean that your vehicle is burning way too much oil whereas gray smoke could mean that your transmission fluid needs to get checked out with your next auto service. Gray smoke could also be a PCV valve issue.

As it happens, a plug in your PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve, the one-way valve that recycles gases back to the engine for burning, can result in shaky idling and poor fuel economy.

A plugged PCV valve is one of those seemingly small problems that can touch off a host of problems: poor fuel economy, more gray smoke in your exhaust, and oil leaks.

Jumpstart Fuel Economy 

Coming in for auto service is really important because it will keep you current with the recommend service intervals in your owner’s manual and help you optimize fuel economy.

Your fuel economy can hit the skids for a number of reasons, some of which are pretty mysterious to average drivers: bad oxygen sensors, clogged air filters, shot spark plugs, failing fuel injectors, or even the motor oil that you use.

Getting the right synthetic oil in your vehicle at your next auto service can give you significantly better fuel economy by improving lubrication and reducing the chances of deposits in the engine. All good stuff, and more reasons to schedule an appointment with All Around Auto Repair.