By now you probably already know that preventive vehicle maintenance performed by ASE-certified car mechanics inevitably winds up saving you money and extending the life of your vehicle.

Save Money Today and Tomorrow!  

Sticking to the maintenance schedule outlined in your owner’s manual could enable you to eke out 200,000 miles or more. The little things add up to big savings!

Car mechanics will make sure that your fluids are checked, changed and flushed periodically as well as check for leaks and signs of corrosion under the hood.

An ounce of prevention is absolutely worth a pound of cure, but what are some tell-tale signs that your vehicle needs to get in to see experienced car mechanics ASAP?

Tanking Gas Mileage 

Gas mileage hitting the skids? Are you getting much worse mileage per gallon each time out and having to make more trips to the pump in an average month?

Worsening gas mileage could be rooted in a few different problems. Long story short, if you’re experiencing a serious decrease in fuel economy, then you might be experiencing one or more of these issues known to cause poor fuel economy:

-Poor tire pressure

-Failing spark plugs

-Dirty air filter

-Poor oxygen sensor

-Failing fuel injector 

-Dirty motor oil

The good news is that car mechanics can help with all of these issues that cause poor gas mileage.

A leak with your fuel injectors (each of your vehicle’s cylinders should receive fuel from a separate injector) or spark plugs that have gone more than 60,000 miles without replacement (the average vehicle will also have one spark plug per cylinder) would both be issues to let car mechanics at All Around Auto Repair handle.

That said, the ASE-certified mechanics at All Around Auto Repair will check your tire pressure, replace your motor oil, and check your filters during routine maintenance, so you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting the best fuel economy possible.

You’ve Got the Shakes!

If you’re favorite song comes on the radio, that’s one thing. If you’re driving and your car starts to shake, then that’s something else entirely!

A vehicle that shakes might come down to a poor wheel alignment, or it could be something deeper and more mechanically problematic. If your vehicle is shaking or vibrating, then it could be because of one or more of the following issues:

-Damaged axles (especially CV joints and driveshaft)

Problem with disc brakes 

-Tire issues (e.g., wheels spinning improperly)

-Uneven tire wear

-Clogged air filter

Each of these issues could cause wobbling or vibration for different reasons. A clogged air filter could be depriving the engine of oxygen and preventing it from running properly.

If you notice that your car is shaking when you go to brake, however, then it could be that the routine maintenance and/or brake rotors in your vehicle need to be inspected by experienced car mechanics right away.

Of course, the issue could be something that experienced car mechanics see every day – e.g., something extremely common like a vehicle in need of tire rotation.

If you notice a vibration at particular speeds, then see your mechanic because that could mean you’re overdue for a balancing. New tires aren’t always necessary, but you should have your tires checked by experienced car mechanics at the service intervals prescribed by your owner’s manual.

Difficulty Changing Gears 

There are a plethora of reasons why getting out of neutral is extremely hard:

-Bad clutch

Low transmission fluid

-Failing U joint (universal joint)

-Bad pilot bearing

-Improper motor mount.

Different cars have all kinds of different motor mounts (e.g., hydraulic units versus rubber blocks). Consider having experienced car mechanics take a look under the hood and determine what’s giving you issues.

If you’re experiencing poor fuel economy, a shaky ride, or issues changing gears, then head in to All Around Auto Repair right away and have car mechanics fix you right up while you enjoy a cup of joe. Set up an appointment by calling 707 837-0646 or clicking here and scheduling an appointment online.