Never underestimate the value of knowing a car repair shop you can trust. The next time you have engine trouble, you’ll be a lot less stressed because you’ll know exactly where to go.

Online reviews offer a great starting point. People love getting quality car repair for a fair price, so you should hope to find a shop with enthusiastic 5-star reviews from the recent past.

Still unsure where to go? People who have driven around the block a time or two will tell you to spot a trustworthy car repair shop based on these factors.

The Place Is Busy… But Not Overwhelmed

Car RepairWhen you pull up to a car repair center, the mechanics should be actively working or helping customers. If the place looks like a ghost town, perhaps word has gotten around town that they upcharge people or do substandard work. It’s like going to a restaurant and seeing nothing but empty tables at dinner time—something must be wrong.

You might not want to leave your car somewhere that already looks backed up with other vehicles, though. Choose a shop that keeps things moving, and expect a confident estimate of the turnaround time.

Don’t Forget Mom-and-Pop Shops

Advertising inundates us with logos, slogans, and loud commercials everywhere we look. Sometimes a national brand is comforting because you know what you’re going to get, but sometimes we go to big chains just for familiarity. With car repair, it doesn’t have to be that way.

A small, local auto shop can provide better service and honest pricing. Quite frankly, we have to. When you don’t have your name plastered all over televisions, you have to compete by providing better car repair!


Ask for Explanations

Ever ask a mechanic a question and get an eye-roll in response? You might feel powerless in the moment. You don’t know how to fix your car, but you need to drive to work on Monday. Remember that you are the customer. You’re free to take your money elsewhere.

Now, car repair mechanics do sometimes forget that the general public doesn’t have the same vocabulary and knowledge of automobiles. Ask for definitions and explanations if we’re using too much jargon. A friendly mechanic that can describe problems and repair recommendations is a mechanic you can trust.

Look for Certifications, But Don’t Stop There

Auto mechanics can be certified by a few different entities. Seeing an ASE certification is definitely a huge plus. Of course, lots of people have diplomas that don’t necessarily mean much.  Ask how often they work on your make of vehicle and how often they do the type of car repair you need.

Now it’s time to jump on the phone or drive to your local auto shop and get a feel for the staff and mechanics. In Windsor, CA, you can find certified pros who take care of your vehicle like it was their own at All Around Auto Repair.

Contact us to describe the car problems you’re experiencing or let us know how we can help!