Its quite obvious why you might need a tune up just in time for summer. Its not doubt that heat waves and high temperatures that really move the mercury can take some adjusting to. Your car has to get adjusted to the heat to survive the dog days of summer as well.

You’ve probably seen that guy on the side of the road with their emergency flashers on just looking for a good Samaritan to stop and help on a steamy afternoon. Do you ever stop…to wonder why there are more breakdowns on sweltering afternoons?  The reason has to do with the stress that the summer heat can have on your car’s battery, engine, tires, and other important components.

Ready Your Vehicle with a Tune up this Summer

Get Ready for a Scorcher: The Tire Check 

Tune UpAuto care pros say that you should check your tires about once every month because your tires will tend to lose about one PSI a month due to simple seepage.

Although it might seem counter-intuitive to think about initially, your tires actually gain tire pressure to the tune of 1 PSI per 10 degrees of summer heat.

Excessive heat can actually put undue stress on your tires and worsen any pre-existing problems. Some tires can increase by 5 PSI or more in the first 20 minutes of your commute, so tire pressure is definitely something to take a look at.

The culprit behind a lot of summertime tire blowouts is what’s known as dry rot. That’s when your sidewalls crack and the lubricating oils keeping your tires nice and healthy begin to evaporate…perhaps with your patience for the summer heat.

Taking your tires into All-Around Auto Repair for a tune up and tire rotation is one surefire way to stay ahead of the curve this summer. While you stop by you can enjoy a cool drink, have your tires aligned, and find out whether your spare tire is good to go.

Keep Things Cool with a Fluid Check 

One of the more overlooked parts of maintaining your vehicle in the summer is making sure that your fluid levels are topped off. Your engine needs coolant so that it doesn’t overheat, and a regular flushing is one of the most critical parts of any vehicle tune up. The overflow reservoir will let you know whether your engine is getting enough coolant.

That’s probably not something that you should check yourself, though, because removing the radiator cap without proper protection can lead to serious injury if your coolant has been under too much pressure.

Of course, that’s something that will be looked at during a comprehensive tuneup at All-Around Auto Repair. When you take your car in for a tune up you’ll also have your power steering inspected and brake fluid topped off.

Speaking of brakes, in the wintertime you’re probably used to your brakes sticking, but in the summertime you have to also worry about brake components being unable to absorb more heat and work properly as well as an issue known as brake fading.

The experienced technicians at All-Around Auto Repair know how to keep your brakes working smoothly in the heat. They’ll also make sure that your transmission fluid and motor oil are optimized to make sure your transmission and engine work at their best when things might be running hot under the hood.

Prepare for the Unexpected 

Even after taking your vehicle in for a tune up at All-Around Auto Repair, realize that accidents can happen. Consider keeping an emergency kit in your car stocked with the essentials: wrapped food like crackers, water, road flares, jumper cables, your AAA card, and at least one flashlight.  Though you can’t control everything, a regular tune up should keep you out of heat.