Regular Brake Inspection Serves to Detect Issues Before its Too Late

Brake InspectionWhen driving on roads having the ability to stop or slow down is of utmost importance. Whether it be voluntarily or suddenly being able to stop ensures your safety and the safety of others. Therefore regular brake inspection and maintenance as well as prompt repairs to existing issues will serve to ensure this.

Brake inspection is so important that it should be conducted as regular as a scheduled oil change. Usually this includes a fluid level and condition check, an inspection of the brake pads/shoes for wear and a thorough manual check for fluid leaks.

Although brake fluid levels reduce naturally with frequent driving substantial drops below the mark on the master cylinder reservoir is most likely an indication of a leak in the braking system. If a leak is identified measures should be taken to rectify this immediately as this can cause a malfunction of the entire braking system.

Reside near a Seaside Area?  

Most vehicle owners who reside in humid climates or by seaside locations usually experience issues with vehicle braking systems because a formation of a light rust coating accumulates on the brake rotors of vehicles.

As a result of this drivers experience metal to metal contact when applying brakes which can be very annoying as it produces a loud and irritating noise making any driving experience uncomfortable. Therefore if you reside by seaside or in humid locations be sure to have brake inspection conducted regularly to prevent this from occurring.

Warning Lights Indicate When Brake Inspection Is Necessary

When a vehicle is denied regular brake inspection and maintenance they usually encounter issues with the braking system.  For example,  the presence of certain warning lights that are most likely an indication of brake fluid levels that are low or there’s a loss of pressure in one of the brake system’s hydraulic circuits. Another important warning light associated with the braking system is the brake pad warning light. This light indicates when brake pads are in need of replacement as worn brake pads are a driving risk.

So in event that any of these warning lights become visible drivers must ensure that vehicles are promptly assessed and repaired so that they’re functioning as they should before taking to the road. For most vehicles brake inspection and other maintenance are typically performed when required however it is strictly recommended that this be conducted in the recommended time frame.

Get Top Notch Brake Inspection

It is highly recommended that vehicle owners only use the best mechanical services to inspect, maintain or repair any issues with vehicles. Here at All Round Auto Repair we offer the highest quality brake inspection, maintenance and repair services in Santa Rosa.

So whether your brake shoes or worn and need replacement or you suspect you have a leak in the braking system our professional and dedicated staff are highly trained to manage and rectify any issues you might have. Give us a call at 707 837-0646 to schedule your brake inspection or contact us via our website.