Is your car ready for bad weather? Rain, falling leaves, and dropping temperatures are all things we’re experiencing now in Sonoma County. It’s time to check your windshield wipers, headlights, tires, brakes, and coolant. So, in this article, we’re talking about bad weather and preparing your car for winter!


By far, the most common weather you’ll be driving in is rain. We’ve had a taste of wet and chilly weather already, so the need to prepare is very real!

Rain can be dangerous. Here are a few things to check:

  • Windshield Wipers. Check for cracked rubber or worn places. If your windshield is not completely clear when the wipers are turned on, you should replace them right away. Adding water repellant to the glass can also be a big help! It causes the water to bead up and roll off the glass. As a rule of thumb, you should replace your windshield wipers at least twice a year.
  • Clean Your Headlight Lamps. Prolonged exposure to the sun causes the headlight covers to get cloudy or yellow, which can lessen how much light can get through. Although we don’t clean headlights, you can bring your car to us and we will advise you about your options.
  • Check Tire Treads. The roads can get very slick, and if the rain is heavy, hydroplaning can occur. A great way to see if your tires have enough tread is to stick a penny in the grooves. If it does not stay stuck, the tread is worn down and the tire should be replaced.
  • Check Your Brakes. Hot summer roads wear down brake pad lining and put strain on other brake system components that can leave vehicles stranded. Make sure your brakes are in tip top shape!

Brake Repairs and Replacements at All Around Auto Repair

Winterizing Your Car

It is very important to get your car serviced for the winter weather. While you’re at it, ask if you need a winter coolant.

Bring your car to us at All Around Auto Repair before winter is in full force so that we can do a complete inspection and make sure you’re ready for the cold! We will check all fluids, as well as wipers, headlights, tires, and brakes.

Preparing Your Car for Winter

As always, we are here to help keep your car in tip-top shape so you stay safe, no matter what season of the year we’re in! Come by for an inspection. If necessary, we’ll do the work you need for preparing your car for winter. You can rest assured that we will always communicate with you before performing any type of work. Happy trails!

Another Thing to Prepare For – All Around Auto Repair is Moving

We have loved being in Windsor for these past 20 years, taking care of your auto repair needs! However, the entire complex where we are located was sold and is being re-zoned. It turns out that the timing was right since we have also outgrown our current shop space. It’s time for us to find a new location. We searched for months to find a location in Windsor so we could stay close to our original spot, but nothing was available. What we did find is a great spot in Santa Rosa, close to the College Avenue exit off 101. It’s still centrally located right off the freeway, and it’s larger and will allow us to better serve our customers. We know this won’t be as convenient for some of you, but we are still dedicated to giving you the best auto repair experience you can have. So come by and see the new shop! Say hello and celebrate our growth with us! Thank you for continuing to make us your Go-To auto repair shop for over 20 years!

Learn more about All Around Auto Repair and why to choose us when preparing your car for winter.

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