Car maintenance is far from rocket science, but a lot of people don’t seem to realize that. While there are definitely projects that can use a professional touch, a lot of things don’t require any special tools or equipment. Everyone likes better fuel economy, and there are simple things you can do immediately to get a few extra miles per gallon.

Solid Basis

car maintenanceUnderstanding car care is the first step in the process. When your general car maintenance is bad, your vehicle is not going to be as fuel efficient as it could be. How much gas are you accidentally wasting, just from not replacing your oil, oil filter and air filter on a regular basis? Without a solid basis of understanding that you will eventually have to maintain every part of your vehicle, you are bound to miss signs that something is soon to fail.

Remove the Roof Rack

Roof racks put a lot of drag on your otherwise very aerodynamic car, and reducing the drag on your car is as simple as reducing its forward-facing profile. If your car maintenance understanding never considers drag, you’re missing out on a lot of the solution. Every object that causes wind resistance on your vehicle when you’re moving forward adds to the difficulty of powerful your vehicle forward. This is a proactive area of simple car maintenance that almost anyone can perform quickly. This car maintenance begins by removing that roof rack. Uninstalling your roof rack and pulling a small trailer behind your vehicle is a great way to save gas through not needing as much engine power to accelerate forward.

Check the Tires

Your tires are an essential part of car maintenance because they are literally where the rubber meets the road. Checking your tire pressure on a weekly basis is an excellent way to squeeze a few extra miles per gallon out of your gas mileage without doing a huge amount of work or spending much money. With more air in the tires, less of your engine power goes to overcoming the natural drag of having a less rounded tire — a circle rolls better than an oblong shape that resembles a bread roll. It’s important to note that this bit of car maintenance is not the only way you can get better mileage.

Low rolling-resistance tires are also an option that many people’s car maintenance plans never take into account. With a low rolling-resistance tire, your car has to put less effort due to there being less drag from the tire. This piece of car maintenance places less strain on your engine due to having a more efficient type of tire tread. An extra mile per gallon may not seem like much, but if you’re going to replace your tires anyway it can be just the thing.

Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning

Fuel injection is lovely, but car maintenance also extends to those injectors. They get as dirty as any other parts of your car, and occasionally having your injectors removed to be placed into a detergent solution and hit with ultrasonic vibrations is a great way to improve your mileage. This works by letting in a better air-to-fuel mix, which makes your engine more efficient. Greater fuel efficiency means an easier time for your engine and less fuel wasted.

Getting Professional Help

When your car performs at its best, your car maintenance pays off. But nobody expects you to do everything for yourself. This is why trusting some parts of your car maintenance to professionals. Come in and see us, and we’ll get your car working, or working better! Contact us for more information.