There are a few unique advantages to going to a mechanic near me that you should know about. The truth is that, while franchised mechanics are good for some things, they might not check all of your boxes.

You, ideally, want a personal, local, owner-operated mechanic who provides free quotes and offers fair prices on routine auto maintenance and doesn’t make you remortgage the house for replacement parts.

Find It All at All Around Auto Repair 

has friendly mechanics that you’ll get to personally know and trust. The fact is that mechanics near me depend on personal relationships, word of mouth referrals, and fair prices above all else.

There’s every incentive in the world for local mechanics to provide quality work and give customers the tools to take care of their own vehicles.

By providing real value to customers you ultimately win out because your vehicle will run smoother and need fewer repairs over time; the mechanics near me will get repeat business, which makes it all a win-win.

Look for AAA-approved and ASE-approved Mechanics

AAA stands for the American Automobile Association and ASE stands for Automobile Service Excellence, a type of professional certification held by the top auto mechanics and auto technicians.

AAA basically gives their stamp of approval when they say that a particular auto shop qualifies as an Approved Auto Repair (AAR) location, which means that that mecahnic near me has been pre-screened as reputable.

Now, there are about 1,500 auto repair shops across the country that are considered ASE-approved because they have a kind of critical mass, if you will, of ASE-certified mechanics working in-house on repairs.

All Around Auto Repair takes ASE certification seriously and has multiple ASE-certified mechanics and technicians. All told, there are about 180,000 ASE-certified auto technicians – not all at All Around Auto Repair! – and approximately 245,000 ASE-certified service professionals dotted around the country.

All Around Auto Repair quickly became the most reputable auto repair shop in Windsor thanks to founder Dale Johnson’s passion for servicing and repairing literally hundreds of makes and models. Currently located in Santa Rosa, Dale continues to provide excellence in auto repairs to his customers.

Since its founding in 2001, All Around Auto Repair has increasingly been recognized as one of the leading mechanics in Santa Rosa in particular and Sonoma County more generally.

Test, Don’t Guess with Diagnostic Tests

Checking for leaks, checking your fluid levels, and checking for wear on belts, tires, and brake components is standard fare at All Around Auto Repair, where the motto is “test, don’t guess.”

On a deeper level, you’ll have your onboard diagnostics looked at by technicians at All Around Auto Repair to get a better feel for what your vehicle’s computer processor has picked up via feedback from sensors in your vehicle.

There are sensors all around, if you will, your vehicle that can quickly clue the technicians at All Around Auto Repair in to issues that you might be having with your exhaust or transmission systems, for instance.

Tools for checking your onboard diagnostics will show trouble codes (diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs) if something is about to fail or needs replacement/servicing right away. Alternatively, your vehicle’s manufacturer might have issued service notifications that a mechanic near me can quickly look up.

A visual inspection plus a road test might also be called for after your onboard diagnostics and sensors have found a problem and a particular part has been replaced or your braking system overhauled for optimal performance.

Though you certainly can still get a full vehicle inspection at All Around Auto Repair, the beauty of a diagnostic test is in its accuracy and efficiency. In other words, you’ll finally know what that check engine light warning was all about!

Come to a mechanic near me to remove any doubt and know that you’re getting a great value – fair prices, personalized service, and quick turnaround times are what you can expect at All Around Auto Repair.