All Around Auto Repair knows that when purchasing a car these days most people tend to be interested in models that have excellent fuel economy. With gas prices constantly increasing people want to know that they won’t be spending a fortune to fill up at the pump. Apart from this, excellent fuel economy and some of the bad habits that drivers practice such as unnecessary idling or driving around with extra weight can often account for poor gas mileage in vehicles.

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Auto RepairMaintaining or improving fuel economy is very important as this usually signals that vehicles are in good working condition however apart from usual suspects fuel efficiency in vehicles can suddenly become impeded indicating that vehicles may have a more serious problem.

The only way to ensure that a vehicle is in excellent working condition is to regularly conduct maintenance nevertheless if for some reason a vehicle has been indicating a decline in fuel economy here are a few reasons why this may be occurring.

One common cause of decreased fuel economy is a vehicle receiving the wrong oil during its oil change. Poor performance, temperature extremes and a drop in mpg suggest use of an incorrect oil viscosity. Vehicle owners should ensure that they use oils that reduce engine friction whether it be in a synthetic form or the oil recommended in the Owner’s Manual.

Another prevalent contributor to poor fuel economy is prolonged use of the air conditioner in vehicles. Powering this system alone requires substantial amounts of fuel so depending on your local climate drivers should consider turning off the air condition and open windows. If you are increasing speed you should turn them up to reduce drag.

Drivers who like to quickly accelerate or constantly rev the engine should know that this too can cause lots of fuel to be used up. Driving at moderate speeds and revving only when necessary can easily help to improve fuel economy.

Another very common practice found to affect gas mileage is idling. This usually refers to having the engine of a vehicle on but the vehicle is parked and not moving. This has been found to be popular during the winter months when people try to warm up their engine before driving.  A vehicle really doesn’t need more than 30 seconds to get the engine warm and by simply turning off the car or selecting the neutral gear when you aren’t moving you will be able to eliminate that wastage .

These useful tips once applied can help you to save by reducing spending at the pump so be mindful of careless practices and always check to see that vehicles are in excellent working condition not only to ensure fuel efficiency but performance and durability.  Contact us for more information.