Car lovers take pride in maintaining all the components of their vehicle.  The exhaust system is one area of interest that should never be neglected. You may not be a car lover but you should know that maintaining your car’s exhaust system, will prolong the life of the vehicle and save you lots of money. Any issue with your muffler should be dealt with quickly. It is important that you incorporate this into your vehicle maintenance regime.

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Vehicle Maintenance – Is Your Muffler In the Best Shape?

The muffler’s task is to decrease the noise created when exhaust is created by the vehicle. It is a very vital element in the entire exhaust system and should be treated with great care. Having a noisy muffler can be bothersome and will require professional service. There are a few signs that will alert you that your muffler is not operating correctly.

The most significant and visible symptom of a faulty muffler is the noise. Automatically, if your muffler malfunctions your vehicle will be louder than it was previously.  You need to be observant to any unusual or unexpected rattling noise. This could be telling you that your muffler is loose or broken. This is more than enough reason to schedule a vehicle maintenance appointment.

Another step you can take if you are worried about your faulty muffler is to jack up your vehicle.  This would allow you to carefully examine your muffler. Consequently, you would be able to detect any significant problems.  Ensure that you examine for holes and severe rust.  As these issues can end up to be extremely problematic. When conducting your muffler inspection, look for any symptoms of leaking water coming from it.  A little condensation is fine, but water dripping from a number of places can be a serious issue.

Switch on your vehicle and allow it to run for a couple of minutes.  Then check your vehicle’s temperature to establish if it is uncommonly high.  At times, a faulty muffler can cause your vehicle to overheat.  As a result, you should ensure that you deal with that problem promptly.

By and large, most auto dealerships will not incorporate a muffler replacement as a component in their routine vehicle maintenance.  So, it is vital that you employ the points above to verify any warnings that your muffler has malfunction. Contact All Around Auto Repair for more tips on auto maintenance.