Mil-Spec wiring was originally manufactured for the military. It is used in automotive technology because it handles extreme temperature variations and other issues and has been a boon to auto manufacturers and automotive repair shops. From tough wire to miniature wire it has many applications. Primarily used in electrical applications it has totally changed the electrical systems of vehicles. Mil-spec wiring is manufactured to military specifications which are considerably higher. Automotive technology in this era would be very limited without it. Autos with mil spec wiring are faster, safer and longer lasting. The wiring in a mid-sized auto weighs from 45 to 70 pounds much lighter than previously.

Mil-Spec Wiring Applications

  • Shielding and protection are very important, mil-spec coating is extremely durable.
  • Put into harnesses they can be used in many electronic applications that require micro wiring.
  • Extremely strong insulation to limit power loss from wiring.
  • Dependability, if you look at the wiring in an older vehicle it still looks relatively new.
  • Small sizes, down to extremely small micro applications. Put into a harness, you can get lot of wiring in a very small space.
  • Light weights compared to other wiring.
  • Improved control, a lighter vehicle is more stable and easier to control.
  • Handles extreme environment from Siberia to the Sahara.

Mill-spec wring used for automotive technology is built to military specifications for automotive technology and has certain design parameters that must to adhered to get the designation. It must go through rigorous inspection, quality control and testing to qualify for military use.

Mil-spec wiring harnesses are used for specific areas like the transmission or computer system. They are made from a lot of different sizes and colors of wire meant to be used in a specific location for wiring that requires more control in sizes and weights for an application. They are usually premade by a manufacturer of automotive electrical parts.

Mil-spec wiring it the best quality you can buy for automotive technology. It’s a bit more expensive but it will probably last longer than your vehicle.

Automotive technology has grown in leaps and bounds in the past 20 years with antilock brakes, computer systems, computer diagnosis, and components that you just pop in and as it continues to grow there will be more and more innovations.

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