There are a lot of different sounds that your vehicle can make that require auto service. Squeaking brakes are probably the most obvious sign that your brakes need a good looking over by the mechanics at All Around Auto Repair since worn brake pads can pose a problem for you and other drivers.

Here’s How You Know Its Time for Auto Service

High-pitched sound when braking

Auto ServiceAlthough squeaking brakes is almost always a sign that your brake pads should be replaced, that annoying high-pitched sound can mean that the brake shoes on older vehicles need auto service. Most newer vehicles have brake pads, though, and they’re meant to emit that annoying sound to tell drivers that it’s time for auto service.

Grinding sound as you brake

It’s also possible that the occasional high-pitched sound from your brakes means that you’re braking too hard and causing the brake pads to overheat. Only a trained auto service mechanic can tell you which problem your vehicle is suffering from. When you bring your car or truck in for auto service because of a strange sound while breaking you might also find that there’s rotor rust around your brakes.

Rotor rust around your brakes is a fairly common issue but unless you’re trained you might not be able to spot it in time. Rotor rust has more of a grinding sound when you brake rather than the squeaking, high-pitched sound that you’ve undoubtedly heard dozens of times over the years from other vehicles as their brake pads reach the end of their lives.

Wobbling steering wheel

Whether you hear a squeaking or grinding noise, that’s reason enough to have your vehicle checked out by a professional auto service. Any kind of wobbling you experience when breaking could mean the rotor is messed up. The smart electronics on your vehicle that periodically scan for issues might be blinking yellow or red, meaning that it’s high time you bring your vehicle in for an inspection and possible tuneup.Check Engine Maintenance

Rattling or ticking engine

An engine that sounds like it’s rattling, especially as you hit the accelerator, could mean that the timing belt on your vehicle is worn out or due for a replacement. Another sound that seasoned drivers might be all too familiar with is a ticking engine.

A ticking engine could indicate that your vehicle’s valvetrain (controls fuel and air entering combustion chamber) is on the fritz. The issue might have to do with something very common like the oil pressure in your engine or something like a malfunctioning pump in your engine (common on older vehicles).

Knocking sounds

If you hear a heavier knocking sound coming from your engine, then that’s probably a more serious issue that requires immediate auto service.

A knocking noise under the hood can be a really big issue with a pretty boring cause – using the wrong gas, spark plugs, or rod bearings that should have been replaced years ago are common causes for this issue. A knocking noise in back could indicate a bad muffler or malfunctioning exhaust system.

Need Auto Service? Contact All Around Auto Repair

Although it might be distressing to deal with these problems in the course of running errands or making deliveries for a business, getting them checked out by a qualified auto service is definitely the best way to keep you and other drivers safe and on the roads.

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