Conditions on the road tend to be pretty extreme during the winter season and it is really important to make sure your vehicle is properly maintained and in excellent working conditions so it is able to travel safely on the road during this time of year. Checking to see if you are in need of an oil change and replenishing motor oil regularly is one of the most important aspects of vehicle maintenance since motor oil is known as the ‘blood’ of your vehicle and is crucial to its operation.

Why to use Winter Grade Motor Oil 

Oil ChangeCold winter conditions are known to make motor oil thicken which can impede the way a vehicle engine functions. To manage this issue drivers should remember when purchasing motor oil to obtain a multi-viscosity motor oil with a “W” in the viscosity index to signify winter use for replenishing oil in their vehicles as soon as the weather gets cold.

Despite this it is recommended that you refer to their owner’s manual to see what particular recommendations are mentioned for changing their motor oil to ensure the optimal performance of vehicles.

Conducting Further Maintenance

Apart from ensuring that vehicles are adequately supplied with oil conducting regular oil changes also give vehicle owners the opportunity to inspect and conduct further maintenance on their vehicles.

Ensuring that brake fluid and coolant are adequate, hoses and clamps are in place and inspecting or replacing spark plugs can certainly go a long way in helping you keep vehicles in excellent working condition especially during winter. In addition to this drivers getting an oil change should remember to replace the oil filter regularly to ensure the engine receives the maximum amount of flow.

Since it’s been established how important conducting regular oil change is for vehicles it leaves drivers to ask themselves “ Is my vehicle due for an oil change?” Don’t hesitate check your vehicle today to see whether or not an oil change should be in order.

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Remember you don’t want to be stuck in the cold with a broken down vehicle so get your oil change today before winter arrives.