Conditions during winter can present certain dangers to drivers and can compromise the safety of all road users. It is of the utmost importance that winter vehicle maintenance be conducted to ensure that vehicles are equipped to travel in cold conditions.

Winter Vehicle MaintenanceCheck Tire Pressure as Part of Winter Vehicle Maintenance

Keep tires performing at their best especially during winter when roads are wet and extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s tires. Checking and maintaining tire pressure are great ways to preserve the functionality of tires and help them to remain in good working condition. 

For those in cities with occasional snow you should consider  equipping your vehicle with a new set of winter grade tires.  The use of winter grade tires provide drivers with adequate traction to grip icy roads when driving on ice.  As soon as the winter season begins winter grade tires tend to be in limited supply so be sure to purchase yours before the rush begins.

Make an Oil Check or Change

Getting an oil change for vehicles is one of the most essential aspects of vehicle maintenance. Checking and changing a vehicle’s motor oil before and during winter is equally as important since cold weather is known to make motor oil thicken which can really impede the way your engine functions.

So to better manage this issue it would be wise that drivers purchase a multi-viscosity motor oil with a “W” in the viscosity index signifying its formulation for winter use. This type of motor oil is formulated to suit the cold conditions of winter and essentially it helps vehicles to maintain optimal performance throughout the season.

Despite this drivers should always refer to the vehicle owner’s manual to see the specific recommendations made for changing motor oil. They should also remember to replace oil filters to ensure the the maximum amount of flow.

Bring Your Vehicle to All Round Auto Repair

Vehicle owners can never be too prepared for the winter season as countless accidents and fatalities occur during this time of year. It is therefore critical that you ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained and in excellent working condition.

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