Car Repair Cars are such a huge convenience. They’ve literally revolutionized the way that society is set up and the way that you live, shop, play,and work.

It wasn’t that long ago that the horse and buggy got you from here to there…

Dashboard Lights Flashing? Don’t Panic: Count on All Around Auto Repair 

Being able to quickly get where you want is critical. The only thing standing in your way these days is that annoying check engine light. There’s nothing worse than looking down at the dash and wondering “is this serious?” or “how much is this going to cost me?”.

All Around Auto Repair is your one-stop shop for scheduled maintenance, oil changes, and the most common types of car repairs. Whether you need something as simple as your spark plug or ignition coil replaced or more extensive engine work, All Around Auto Repair’s trained mechanics have you covered. Stop in today for a diagnostic test that can clue you in to future car problems.

Most Common Car Repair: Oxygen Sensor Replacement 

Fortunately, the most common kind of car repair in older cars (replacing your vehicle’s oxygen sensor) shouldn’t set you back that much at all.The oxygen sensor in older vehicles can get worn out, but you need it to check for unprocessed oxygen in your exhaust and clue you into bigger issues (e.g., your car’s fuel mixture).

You need a working oxygen sensor because it tells mechanics whether you’re burning rich (low oxygen) or lean (high oxygen). The trouble is that older an vehicle probably needs to have its oxygen sensor replaced.

Oxygen sensors get worn out over time. You need to make sure that yours is working since it can affect your engine’s performance and help you pass your next emissions’ test. As far as repairs go, this one is pretty darn affordable.

Speaking of Affordable: Fuel Cap Replacement 

If there’s one bang-for-your-buck in car repair, it would have to be replacing your fuel cap. A loose fuel cap is one of the most frequent causes of your check engine light coming on, and the most bedeviling for most car owner’s to figure out. A pressurized fuel system is very important.

A missing or faulty fuel cap might sound like no big deal, but it can really hammer your car’s fuel economy. Every year, 150 million gallons of gas evaporate because of missing or faulty fuel caps.

A Catalytic Converter Replacement Can be Avoided

Your car’s catalytic converter is designed to last the lifetime of the car. Preventive maintenance in terms of your spark plugs (more below) or fuel injector can make this costlier repair unnecessary by addressing the root problem.

It’s Electric: Replacing Your Car’s Spark Plugs 

This is another repair that’s easy to do, relatively affordable, and extremely important. Why? Because your car might have a dozen and you’re not going anywhere without spark plugs.

Your car’s spark plugs are another one of those car parts that punch above their weight. These tiny electrical gizmos interlock in the cylinder head of your engine and spark to ignite the fuel.

Your car’s spark plug is connected to the voltage-generating ignition coil under your car’s hood, which is why the ignition coil and spark plugs are often checked and replaced together.

Today’s spark plugs are supposed to last about 100,000 miles but the auto experts advise you to get yours checked at least every 30,000 miles.

Since spark plugs degrade over time, and can even seize and splinter in your car’s cylinder head, getting them checked at All Around Auto Repair can be a true game changer.