Maybe you’ve had a minor collision or you’re just searching around for a reputable auto repair shop that provides excellent auto repairs and maintenance services. Finding a good auto repair shop is not as easy as it seems since not everyone who claims to run an auto shop offer quality services.

A Trustworthy Auto Repair Shop 

Auto Repair ShopSince there comes a time when a vehicle will require maintenance or sometimes repairs vehicle owners must make it a priority to seek out and obtain the services of a trustworthy auto repair shop. Though repairs may not be required for every vehicle it is essential that all vehicles travelling on roads receive regular maintenance to ensure they’re safe to drive and compliant to road standards.

When searching around for an auto repair shop to manage all your vehicle maintenance and repairs it would be best to work with a reputable auto repair shop that offers prompt and professional services as well as fair and transparent pricing. To be quite frank there is no single definition as to what makes an exceptional auto repair shop however there are a few recommendations people can consider to determine the ideal auto shop that best suits their needs.


For vehicle owners searching around for an appropriate auto repair shop the first thing they should ensure before proceeding with business would be to make sure that both the auto shop and mechanic/s are certified by The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence(ASE). If you don’t see the certification displayed in the shop you should ask the mechanic to show it to you just to be on the safe side and ensure that you’re complying with the law.

Determine the Best Fit

Don’t wait until your vehicle is badly damaged to search for an auto repair shop. This is something that should be done way ahead of time. The best way to know their capabilities is by trying out some local auto shops with smaller repairs or maintenance items may prove to be useful. This will allow you to properly gauge if the auto shop carries the appropriate ethic to suit your needs and budget.

Looking For An Acclaimed Auto Repair Shop? 

Vehicle owners should only use the best mechanical services to inspect, maintain or repair any issues with vehicles. Here at All Round Auto Repair we offer the highest quality auto repair and maintenance services in Santa Rosa.  Whether you just want to get your scheduled maintenance carried out or you have to repair a bit of damage to your vehicle our professional and dedicated staff are highly trained to manage and rectify any issues you might have. Contact us for more information.
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