Today’s automobiles are essentially well-protected computers on wheels. Your car, SUV or truck’s engine controls are of the utmost importance. If your vehicle’s “check engine” light is illuminated or if there is any other problem with the engine, do not take to the roads unless you are headed in our direction. An engine issue has the potential to spur a costly repair or even a full replacement. Let All Around Auto Repair handle your engine controls diagnosis/repair and we will get your vehicle back in working order as soon as possible.

The Basics of Engine Controls

Engine Controls

Engine control systems are your vehicle’s computer. Engine controls are comprised of complex software and hardware that function in unison to power your vehicle in a highly efficient manner. These systems control your vehicle’s exhaust emissions and boost its fuel efficiency. If your vehicle’s engine controls are not functioning as they should, it will be difficult to get the most out of this remarkable technology. However, you will have no idea whether your engine controls are working as they should unless you let our gearheads spearhead an in-depth analysis on your behalf. This is not the type of project you can complete in a DIY (do it yourself) manner.

Recognize the Importance of Timely Engine Repair

An automobile with an engine control issue is a problem for a variety of reasons. For one, driving with an engine issue compromises the safety of everyone inside the automobile. The last thing you need is a malfunctioning engine that causes the vehicle to stall or under-perform on highways and busy roads. Engine control problems will also compromise your vehicle’s worth. The last thing you want to do is pay for a complete engine replacement. This is precisely why you should contact us as soon as you suspect or know something is wrong with your vehicle’s engine. Let us handle your engine maintenance, troubleshooting and repair and your vehicle really last that much longer.

The Experienced Engine Control Specialists You Have Been Looking For

There is no sense taking a chance with your vehicle’s engine when our engine control specialists are a phone call away. We have analyzed, maintained and repaired countless vehicle engines for locals. Our team does more than merely perform a superficial inspection of your vehicle’s engine components. We get down and dirty to determine what the real issue is, fix it and get your vehicle back on the road in a timely manner. However, we will not sacrifice accuracy for speed.

Put your faith in our ASE-certified technicians and we will tell you exactly what is going on below your vehicle’s hood. From engine blocks to cylinder heads, pistons, combustion chambers, camshafts, crankshafts, valves, timing belts and beyond, we have an intricate knowledge of all engine components. This is the complete engine care every driver in the greater Windsor area needs and deserves.

Service With Social Graces

It is not good enough for an engine control specialist to request your car keys, analyze the engine, correct the problem and present you with a bill. The customer service component of engine controls is just as important as analysis and labor. Our aim is to provide engine control services in a friendly manner that inspires you to recommend our business to those in your family, social and professional circles. We go out of our way to make you comfortable and treat your vehicle with care. It is rare to find such social graces from auto mechanics and that is exactly why we stress the importance of engine control services provided with a smile.

Schedule Your Engine Analysis, Maintenance or Repair Today

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