So many things can trigger a check engine light that people often ignore the warning. It’s like the boy who cried wolf—a story that doesn’t have a happy ending. Head to your trusted auto repair shop for diagnostics sooner than later. It’s usually a simple fix like a new oxygen sensor, a gas cap replacement, or spark plugs.

Of course, not all car troubles result in the check engine light coming on. Here are other common signs you need auto repairs.

Check our Auto Repair Shop if your Car’s Leaking Fluid

Auto Repair ShopNo matter what color it is, you never want your car leaking fluid. Various types of leaks can lead to the engine overheating or the brakes failing. Come into your local auto repair shop to get the leak patched or broke part replaced. Usually, vehicle leaks are one of these:

  • Green fluid: antifreeze
  • Blue: windshield wiper fluid
  • Brown: motor oil
  • Red: power steering fluid
  • Orange: transmission fluid
  • Pink: transmission or power steering fluid
  • Water: condensation from AC

If your car is leaking an orange or brown fluid, it could really be anything. Lots of fluids turn rusty or dirty with age. Better safe than sorry! A quick trip to the auto repair shop now beats a breakdown on the highway later.

Strange Car Noises

Nobody likes driving a car that makes obnoxious sounds, making everyone stare at you at red lights. Be thankful that your vehicle is giving you warning signs that you should go to the auto repair shop before something really bad happens.

Some of the most common car noises we troubleshoot include:

  • Squealing brakes
  • Grinding noise when braking or turning
  • Groaning or screeching when the car turns
  • Huffing, popping engine misfire sounds
  • Grumbling exhaust noise
  • Fan belt noise

Bad Gas Mileage

If you feel like you’re filling up more often or your dashboard’s MPG display indicates that your car has lost some fuel efficiency, it’s worth a trip to the auto repair shop.

Bad air filters, problems with the exhaust or catalytic converter, a leaky fuel injector, and many other issues cause poor gas mileage (and may lead to more expensive repairs if ignored).

Engine Overheating

Your engine should always be a “no smoking” zone. If you get a dashboard warning light for overheating or you see smoke from under the hood, stop driving as soon as possible. Drive to your auto repair shop if it’s not urgent, but consider getting a tow.

Coolant leaks are only one possible cause of engine overheating. Other answers might be a clogged filter, an oil leak, malfunctioning thermostat, or even a computer error.

Brake Trouble

Feel like you’re at the gym doing leg presses whenever you brake? Does the pedal feel springy or spongy? Brake trouble often results in squealing or grinding sounds, but sometimes you can just feel it.

Our auto repair shop will find the simplest solution, such as replacing the brake pads, refilling the brake fluid, or finding broken rods or rotors that need to be replaced.

Honest Advice from Your Auto Repair Shop in Windsor, CA

Avoiding car repairs because you’re afraid the mechanic will pressure you into an expensive repair you don’t need? In the Santa Rosa area, there’s no need to worry!

All Around Auto Repair provides honest service from caring mechanics. Contact us online or call us at 707-837-0646 to make an appointment for expert troubleshooting and repairs by our top-rated auto repair shop in Windsor.