If you are a sports car enthusiast and you just acquired one, then you really know (should know) that repairs and maintenance is a must consider factor. Although most people in the motor sports industry are so savvy in car mechanic world, some are also not so knowledgeable about this industry hence the need of a highly qualified mechanics.

Landing a half baked mechanic in this industry is also so easy because they are all over the place. They are always on standby to reap through very questionable means. Some will even damage your sports car further or steal your car parts unawares. Your sports ride is a highly valued asset and it needs to be treated with equal respect.

Below is what you should look for in a good car mechanic; you can also go ahead and ask them those hard questions if the circumstances call for it.

Car Mechanic Certification

S/he should have a relevant certificate that shows s/he is truly qualified to deal with your car. One such certification body is the ASE. ASE is a reliable body because, for a car mechanic to receive this certification, then at least two years of field experience must have been achieved; to add to that, the individual is also tested for knowledge and skills.

However, you can also find other certifications which are reliable. One other reliable certification is from a recognized manufacturer. This scores the car mechanic as a brilliant and qualified person because the manufacturer gives the jobs and by receiving certifications, it means this person executed the jobs brilliantly well.

However, to be certain that the manufacturer is a recognized one, then carrying out background information about them is paramount. The surest way you can find there information is through online research.

Is the car mechanic willing to explain to you what the real problem is?

When you visit a car mechanic shop looking for one to take care of your car, then try asking him if he can explain to you what the exact problem is and whether it is just repair or replace. Sometimes the problem might be a slight repair which can only cost less but since they want to distort you, they might claim to replace the parts.

If the car mechanic is willing to explain to you what the problem is and also show you practically, then roll with that mechanic. The car mechanic might refuse to show you prior but if s/he is willing to work and explain to you as you watch, then work with him too.

Ask your friends and relatives for recommendations

This is also a better way to get a top notch car mechanic to work on your car. Your relatives and intimate friends can hardly lie to you about the exact car mechanic they have also worked with in the past. This is arguably the best method you can use especially when he recommendations come from two or more people about the same person.

Find a specific garage

You should also scout around for a garage that deals with rides like yours. This means that the car mechanic at that garage are the best candidates for your ride.

Trust your instincts too

Sometimes your gut feelings are right. If you are looking to hire a car mechanic and guts tell you NO, then move with the NO even if s/he was recommended for you.

Getting the wrong car mechanic will only add salt on to your already wounded heart as a result of your sports car breakdown. it will increase the hurt.