Going to an auto shop that has everything under one roof is a real luxury. Imagine if you had to go to ten different auto shops…one for brakes, one for engine work…you get the idea!

Car shops near me like All Around Auto Repair can handle all kinds of vehicle maintenance, vehicle repairs, and diagnostic checks so that you can sidestep future problems and fix any under-the-hood issues.

Most Common Types of Auto Maintenance Issues 

The bread and butter of most auto shops revolves around auto maintenance, and All Around Auto Repair is no exception in that you can come in for:

-Oil changes

Brake repair 

-Brake replacement

Engine work 

-Filter replacements

-Fluid flushes

-And much more

That said, oil changes, wheel alignment, tire rotations, and brake service remain four of the most popular kinds of vehicle maintenance that local customers rely on All Around Auto Repair for. It’s all about getting back on the road in record time!

Oil Changes

An oil change may be the best bang-for-your-buck kind of auto maintenance since high-grade synthetic blended engine oil lubricates the engine’s parts and prevents overheating.

That winds up improving gas mileage, increasing the longevity of your engine, and keeps all of the engine’s components lubricated for optimal performance.

In other words, you’ll save money at the pump every week and likely be able to save green by forgoing expensive engine repairs down the road.

With all of those benefits, you might be wondering why drivers aren’t falling over themselves to get in to car shops near me in order to get a fresh batch of oil in there.

Folks must be busy because the truth is somewhat sobering: The Car Care Council found that about a quarter of drivers (22 percent) were driving around with dirty engine oil or low levels. Inferior blends or low engine oil levels can lead to overheating, poor fuel economy, and engine failure.

Without newer synthetic oil blends in there, grimy particles can accumulate in the engine and cause corrosion. Oil that isn’t replaced in time can break down and turn into an engine sludge, which leads to further corrosion.

A year’s worth of oil changes should run as little as 1/40th (that’s 2.5%) the cost of a new engine; a new engine could cost even more! Come in to All Around Auto Repair to get regular oil changes and engine work.

Wheel Alignment and Tire Rotation 

The fact that your tires will naturally wear differently underscores the importance of getting your tires rotated about every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Car shops near me are well aware that the front wheels carry more of your vehicle’s weight (e.g., because the engine is up front) and might take more of a beating on turns. Interestingly, drivers in the United States will make left turns quicker than right turns, which can cause more wear-and-tear in the right front and rear tires.

The solution is a tire rotation that switches around the front and rear tires diagonally to accommodate for both trends – i.e., front tires wearing sooner and the tire tread on right and left sides wearing differently because of turns.

Because all of the tires need to be removed, don’t reach for a car jack, jack stands, and the rest of it. Instead reach for the phone and call 707 837-0646 or schedule an appointment online here.

Brake Service 

Brake service at All Around Auto Repair is a big part of your maintenance schedule and means servicing brake components (e.g., disc, caliper, and brake pads) so that you can stop quickly and efficiently.

When you come in to All Around Auto Repair, you’ll also have your fluid levels (e.g., transmission, radiator, power steering, and air conditioning coolant) checked, and that also includes your brake fluid.

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that your braking system needs to work at all, so stop what you’re doing and schedule a maintenance stop at All Around Auto Repair! Contact us today.