Getting your vehicle serviced is critical to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and on the road for longer. You’re probably already pretty familiar with the importance of getting your oil changed, but did you know that this is only one kind of car service that you can get?

Start Off With Oil and Filter Change 

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It’s true. An oil and filter change is so important, though, that those services are included in all the services that will be discussed below. For starters, there are a few distinctions to be made between basic (interim) services, full service, major service, and every type of service covered under manufacturer service. 

Basic Vehicle Service 

Basic service gives you extra vehicle inspections and services, such as replacing vital fluids throughout your vehicle. This could include checking on the steering and brake fluid as well as ensuring that your level of washer fluid and antifreeze are where they should be. 

A full-service auto repair and maintenance shop like All-around Auto Repair also has the in-house expertise to check three dozen components on your vehicle during basic service. During basic servicing All-around Auto Repair will check your brakes and look to see how your vehicle is meeting its manufacturer’s guidelines. All-around Auto Repair also does used vehicle inspections

Full Vehicle Service 

A full vehicle servicing encompasses a broader range of services and potentially replacing a larger array of filters and different fluids in your vehicle. In addition to having your oil filter replaced, with a full service you should have your air filter, fuel filter, and cabin filter replaced as well. 

The thing to remember is that as you go from each level – i.e., oil change to full service to major service – you’re getting more and more inspections and maintenance done to your vehicle. Accordingly, with full service you should also get your power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid changed and a few other things done. 

For instance, brake lines and brake discs will be checked and, if necessary, replaced during a full car service pit stop at All-around Auto Repair. You’ll also have many more systems inspected so that easy-to-overlook parts like your timing belt can be replaced and other components on your vehicle greased adn lubricated for optimal performance.

Major Car Service

Major vehicle service includes everything in basic vehicle service and full vehicle service plus a change of spark plugs and a full inspection and potential replacement for a wider array of component parts. Major vehicle service, in other words, casts the widest diagnostic net possible to give you the fullest amount of protection. 

With major vehicle service, a technician at All-around Auto Repair will use a scan tool to search for error codes on your engine control unit (ECU) and take remedial action, if necessary. Your engine control unit is a small part with a very important role to play: The ECU controls a host of actuators in your engine to ensure the best performance possible. 

When working properly, the ECU can automate a lot of processes and tell you if anything has gone wrong. Typically, an ECU will read values from sensors in the engine bay. The data from these sensors is then automatically sent to a lookup table (think main control) in your ECU so that your engine knows how to adjust the engine actuators. 

The end goal behind this and all the servicing is getting the best performance, gas mileage, and ultimate longevity out of your current vehicle. Even if you have a fleet of vehicles, schedule a service appointment with All-around Auto Repair and know that you’re covered.