If something goes wrong with your car, you will be in quite the bind unless you have done your homework on local car repair services. Bringing your broken down vehicle into any old auto repair shop is a risk you should never take. Just like any other industry, the auto repair sector has some unscrupulous businessmen who will stretch the truth about potential repairs in an attempt to squeeze more money out of customers. Follow the advice set forth below and you’ll greatly increase the odds of forging an alliance with a trustworthy auto repair specialist.

A happy customer delivering a car to a auto repair shop

An Excellent Track Record

It is often said that past behavior is the best indication of future performance. This adage certainly rings true in the context of auto repair shops. Check out online reviews. Take a look at the forum on the popular Angie’s List website for insights from locals regarding the merit of neighborhood car repair services. Ask your friends, family and co-workers where they take their vehicle for repairs. These trusted individuals will guide you in the right direction.

Find a Mechanic With Competitive Prices Before Disaster Strikes

Be proactive by doing your homework on local mechanics, assuming that an emergency will eventually pop up that requires the expertise of an auto repair service. This way, you will have an idea of which car repair services tend to have the most competitive prices. Such knowledge will make it much easier to secure an appointment with an honest and reliable local mechanic in a timely manner.

Price is Only one Piece of the Puzzle

Though the price of an auto repair project certainly matters a great deal, it should not be your sole consideration when selecting a mechanic. Do not award your business to the cheapest auto repair service. Perform extensive research about service quality, community reputation, duration of repairs, customer service and other factors that are uniquely important to you. You just might find that higher priced auto repair services end up being the ones that are worthy of your business.

Look for Car Repair Services That Provide Guarantees and/or Extended Warranties

Shop around for mechanics who are willing to guarantee their workmanship. Some might even offer extended warranties on parts installed during the repair process.

Certifications Matter

If a prospective auto repair shop lacks the proper certifications, it is not advisable to do business with them. Ideally, the shop’s employees will have earned the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certificate that proves their merit and experience.

Look for Auto Repair Shops That Explain Repairs in Layman’s Terms

Too many mechanics are unwilling to patiently explain automobile repairs to prospective customers in terms that the average person can understand. If the mechanic scoffs when you ask him to attempt to describe why a repair is necessary or how it will be performed, move on to the next candidate. It shouldn’t take long to find an auto repair service with personnel who are more than willing to use layman’s terms when explaining how and why a repair must be performed.

A Free Quote

You should not be charged for merely requesting an auto repair quote. You work hard for your money so don’t fork it over to a mechanic whom you might not even hire to perform the actual repair. Furthermore, auto repair shops should also perform free second opinions. Contact All Around Auto Repair and we would be more than happy to assist you with you car maintenance.