Car experts argue that practicing proper car care techniques can actually extend the life span of your vehicle tremendously. A vehicle needs maintenance just as everything else in order to remain in top shape.Take great care of your vehicle by seeking professional service and advice. Words of advice.

Car Care – Maintenance Is Key

Car filters need to be changed for a variety of reasons and you should treat them just as you would your car’s interior.  When in doubt on when you should change your filter you should check your manufacturer’s guide for this information.  Types of filters your vehicle might use:

  • Oil Filter- Catches pollutants in an attempt to permit oil to run through the engine
  • Fuel Filter- Sets apart hazardous pollutants that can generate issues with the carburetors or intricate fuel injections.
  • Air Filters- Captures dust fragments that can destroy the engine cylinder, walls, pistons and piston rings.  Also it prohibits from off of the air sensor (in fuel-injected cars).
  • Cabin Filters- Catches pollen, bacteria and debris that can stumble into your car’s ventilation system.

Lighting and Wipers

Lights and wipers play a major role in getting you to your destination safely. This is because they are designed to help you see and to be seen.  The wiper system helps to maintain extra water, snow or dirt from constructing on the windshield.  In addition, it discards them so as to provide the best visibility.  In comparison, the lighting system offers nighttime visibility and safety signals.  It also gives light to examine instruments inside the car.  Generally, lights and wipers are wear and tear items that will require replacements at fixed intervals.  Its replacements would bedetermined by its functioning shape, frequency of operation, materials and more.  If you observe dimming lights or any funny noises from your wipers, then contact a professional auto repair mechanic.


A healthy car battery ensures that you have a reliable vehicle that is functioning efficiently whenever you drive.  The battery retains electrical energy that the starter converts to mechanical force to switch the engine on.  Without a fully working battery your car would not be able to start.  If you observe that your headlights are fainting or your accessories are falling flat, you should have it inspected before it is too late.  It is often said that a battery endures for four years before it dead however, proper maintenance can ensure your battery reaches its maximum life span.