One very fundamental component that can be found in your vehicle is the braking system. When driving on roads it is very important that all vehicles have the ability to slow down or stop. Whether it be voluntarily or suddenly, being able to stop ensures your safety and the safety of others and this is why you should have your brakes inspected regularly.

When taking your vehicle for scheduled oil changes you should use this as an opportunity to get the brake system inspected.  Regular maintenance and immediate attention to any existing issues serve to ensure that braking systems on vehicles are up to standard. Essentially inspection includes a fluid level and condition check, an inspection of the brake pads/shoes for wear and a thorough manual check for fluid leaks.

Brakes for Continued Safety

BrakesThere are a few signs to look out for so you know when you have an issue with your vehicle’s braking system. These include:

  • Brake fade A vehicle with properly functioning brakes should stop immediately once the brakes are pressed on however if a vehicle takes longer than normal to stop this may be caused by brake fade. Brake fade is not a severe issue and in most cases is merely short term but as time goes on and this issue is not rectified brake fade can become permanent damaging brake pads and rotors. So if you realize your vehicle is taking a while to stop you may have an issue with brake fade get it attended to promptly before it becomes a bigger problem in the future.
  • Smoking brakes –  Are the brakes on your vehicle smoking or overheating? Again this is another tell tale sign that there is an issue on your braking system. Smoking brakes is actually a very dangerous sign and usually occurs when the brake pads are burned out or something is leaking onto the brakes. If it is because of a leak the pads will develop a glaze which can definitely affect performance.
  • Brake light –  If you see the brake light within the dash panel light up this may be an indication that there is a serious issue with the braking system. Most of the time it signals that there a problem with the hydraulics. This should be given prompt attention and urgently repaired nevertheless some brake lights illuminate to inform the driver that the parking brake is still engaged.

Whatever the issue, it is very important that problems with the braking system are rectified speedily. For most vehicles brake inspection and maintenance are typically performed when needed however it is recommended that this be conducted just as regular as an oil change. This practice not only guarantees your safety and the safety of others but it can prevent you from incurring further expenses in the future.  Contact us for more information.