Finding a great auto service center should be a primary concern for anyone who drives on a regular basis. Getting caught off guard by an unexpected breakdown can leave you without any reliable place to turn for help. However, there are some ways you can prevent a bad situation from getting worse by taking the time to find a trustworthy auto service center now instead of later.


  • Get Referrals – This cannot be stressed enough. Your friends and family may have had a variety of different experiences with local auto service shops, and they can probably give you an idea of the shops that have the best prices and the highest customer service standards. Collect a few business cards and keep them on hand.
  • Do Some Research – Once you have a handful of local auto service shops that came recommended, take a minute to check them out online. Visit their websites, get to know the services that they do and do not offer. Look for more reviews from other customers and check out the BBB website to see if they have any unresolved complaints. While you’re at it, check out their professional certifications to see how they compare to other top rated service shops in the industry.
  • Ask Questions – If it’s time to get your brakes done, take some time to get to know your mechanic and your vehicle a little better. Your chosen auto service center should be willing to show you the condition of the brakes that were removed and compare them to a new set of brakes. In addition, they should be happy to give you recommendations to maintain your brakes better and improve the service life of your brake system.
  • Don’t Wait – If you know that your car is in need of repairs, putting off a visit to the local auto service shop will only cause more harm. The longer you drive your car in substandard conditions, the worse the repairs will be, and the more it will cost you in labor and parts to fix the whole problem. Any good auto service shop will want to do the repair right and not just patch your car up until something else breaks.
  • Warranties – One final factor that makes a great auto service center stand out is their willingness to warranty their work. Be specific when you inquire about the warranty for your vehicle and find out if it covers just the brake parts or the labor as well. An auto service shop that warranties parts and labor stands behind their work and wants to earn your trust.

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