What Is the Average Cost of Car Maintenance for a Year? All Around Auto Repair Santa Rosa CAOwning your favorite vehicle is fun except if the cost of car maintenance for a year is more than you can afford. The happy event can turn into a financial disaster. The cost of maintaining a car has gone up by 1.96 percent. For a person using a car for work or travel this can take a nice chunk out of the budget. Knowing what is affordable over time, keeps the budget balanced and doors open to future dreams.

Car Maintenance Operating Costs

Operating cost involve, depreciation and any repairs. This may be considered separate from carrying cost (purchase). No matter how expenditures are look at, different cars cost different prices. If you have an envelop budget, a Porsche is not the car you want to buy. The car you purchase will need upkeep, tires, oil changes, batteries and possibly physical upkeep from an unexpected fender bender. Parts and labors cost money. Therefore, better to get a car in line with your budget and save the dream team for another day.

Truck lovers will pay anywhere from $13,000 to $14,000 dollars a year for driving these snappy vehicles, high-end vehicles, $13,000 to $19,000 a year. The median price of car maintenance is around $15,000. This, of course, is an economy car.

Car Maintenance: The price of fuel, parts and insurance can increase costs

Nevertheless, it is still possible to own a smartly styled and financially manageable car. In the range of $5000 dollars a year, these cars cost less to own. If they are kept longer than five years, owners have the opportunity to get more mileage out of the deal, despite quick depreciation upon buying the vehicle. Cars known for their reliability and low fuel usage are very good investments.

A few cars stand out as winners in the cost of ownership and car maintenance. Still, vehicle choice depends upon owner preference. Toyota manufactures the Prius and the Corolla. Both are economical to own and stand the test of reliability. Winning points with fewer car maintenance problems. In the line of sporty cars, the Volkswagen Beetle is a great choice. The style is relatively timeless and the reliability of this car is unquestionable.

Car maintenance costs are always there when owning a car. Nevertheless, depreciation is a destroyer on the value of a car. There is nothing an owner can do about this. Once the car is driven off the lot the value plunges but car maintenance has just started. The only hope of recovery is in economical usage (no repairs).