Now that the summer has arrived, most of us will be heading out for some fun under the sun and auto maintenance should be considered. This is the time of year when our vehicles really rack up the miles. As a result, the chances of a breakdown significantly increase. Follow the tips outlined  below for a summer of drama-free driving.

Driving into the Sunset. Romantic Young Couple Enjoying Sunset Drive in Classic Vintage Sports Car

Give the Vehicle a Once-Over

If you remember back to your days of driver’s ed classes, you probably recall your instructor advising you to look over your vehicle before starting the ignition. Though you don’t have to perform such an inspection every single day, it is prudent to conduct such a “once-over” at least a few times during the summer. Take a look at the tires to make sure they are inflated. Turn on your blinker and warning lights to verify their functionality. Get down on the ground to see if anything along the vehicle’s underbody looks loose or compromised in any manner. Pop the hood to verify that the coolant and oil are at the levels designated in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Have Your Vehicle’s Cooling System Checked

Inspecting your vehicle’s coolant level is only one piece of the summer driving puzzle. Lean on a professional mechanic to check your car’s cooling system before the blazing hot summer temperatures hit. If there is a leak or if the vehicle’s cooling fan malfunctions, your vehicle will likely overheat. If overheating occurs, the engine will suffer extensive damage. This is exactly why you should rely on the expertise and trained eye of a savvy mechanic to inspect your vehicle’s cooling system at the beginning of summer.

Make sure that your mechanic check the electric cooling fan’s condition and functionality as well. The importance of having the vehicle’s cooling system inspected cannot be overstated. Malfunctioning cooling systems are the top cause of summer breakdowns.

Mind the Roof

If you own a convertible, make sure the roof operates as designed. After a long winter and spring of cold temperatures, there is a chance that an unused convertible roof will be a bit rusty or even completely inoperable. So check it out at the start of the summer just to make sure it opens and shuts without a problem.

Wiper Blades

Your vehicle’s wiper blades might be a bit worn after the cold winter and wet spring. Take a close look at the wiper blades for signs of wear and tear. If you notice any splitting, have the wiper blades replaced. Also, be sure to check the windscreen washer fluid as well. Add more fluid if it is well below the fill line. Don’t forget to readjust the washer jets if necessary.

Tire Quality Matters

You will be spending a lot of time on the road this summer. Do not assume that your vehicle’s tires are up to the task. Punctured tires are one of the top causes of summer vehicle breakdowns. Make sure the tires are at the correct pressure as noted on the paneling along the side of your driver’s seat or in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Have an experienced auto expert verify that the tire tread depth is sufficient.

A Weak Battery can Wreak Havoc on Your Summer Driving Experience

Though most people think of winter as the time of year when a vehicle battery is most likely to fail, the truth is that batteries can falter during any season. Contact us your auto professional to test your vehicle’s battery strength with our professional equipment. We will also scrape away any corrosion on cable connections/posts and re-tighten any connections that might have become loose.