If you do not know much about auto maintenance, you can be easily fooled by mechanics who may want to prey on your ignorance. This is not to say that all auto maintenance shops mechanics want to scam you. In fact, there are many great mechanics whose overall experience over the year is positive. However, from time to time you will come across a mechanic who is not above board, so it will help you to know the basics.

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Ask as many questions as possible. In most cases people feel timid to ask as the mechanics questions as they confuse them with technical jargon. You need to ask the mechanics to clarify and simplify their statements. Asking questions and voicing your concerns will help get you involved in the auto maintenance process.

Do not be satisfied with one cost estimate. Ensure that you have at least three cost estimates from different auto shops. If there is a scam element, you will be able to identify quickly it. Additionally, the different estimates will help you evaluate the cost of having your car maintained. With this estimates, you will not have to pay an additional cost to the mechanics.

Auto Maintenance Questions

There are car technicians who may be hesitant to give you a cost estimate. This is because of the technical issues and intricacies in the car maintenance process that make it difficult to quote a given amount. In this case, you need to ask the auto mechanic to quote a ceiling price.

It is also important that you have knowledge regarding reviews and feedback for an auto repair center or auto maintenance mechanic. Prior evaluations and comments will help you judge potential rip offs or scams. Previous or existing customers will be the best source for getting reviews and feedback.

When you are dealing with an efficient auto maintenance mechanic, you need to inquire about repair service guarantee for the maintenance that will be done in your vehicle. If they are reliable, they will offer you warranties for their services.

Verify the character of the guarantee they will offer. For example, the guarantee they offer you may be for certain parts of the service they are offering. Therefore, it is important that you verify the type and character of the guarantee and what it covers.

You also need to scrutinize the bill to avoid being ripped off. An invoice for all damaged components needs to be provided so you can have a complete idea of if you are being charged more.

Other tips that will help you overpaying for auto maintenance include;

• Power steering flushes and coolant flushes are common gimmicks in quick lubes. You need to check your car manual as most cars have fluid designed to go for 100,000 miles. Cleaning of the injector is a waste of money and time as there additives in the market that will do a great job.

• Consult car dealers before you get any work done on emission parts or catalytic converter. Some of these parts have a long warranty, and the law has often required free replacement.

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