Regular auto maintenance is critical to the longevity of your vehicle and it can save you a ton of money.

If you regularly have your vehicle’s fluids changed out and your systems checked, then you’re not going to be spending as much money on costly repairs later on.

Should you decide to sell your vehicle at some point down the road, it will also likely fetch a higher price thanks to regular auto maintenance. 

Higher Resale Value 

Auto Maintenance

A vehicle that’s received regular auto maintenance will look better aesthetically, which will improve the resale value in itself.

On top of that, your vehicle will drive better and actually be better mechanically because it’s been treated so well through the years. 

Even if you decide to trade in your vehicle for a reduction in the cost of a new vehicle, getting regular auto maintenance saves you money.

A vehicle that’s been taken care of through the years will get a higher trade-in value that one that needs a lot of work and extensive repairs to get back on the road.

Kelley Blue Book is right when they say that having a record of your repairs and auto maintenance through the years will really lend selling confidence.

Lower Monthly Expenses 

A car that’s safer and more efficient is going to utltimately lead to your spending less at the pump and lower premiums on your car insurance.

Many motorists run down their vehicles by skipping oil changes, running on underinflated tires, and going without coolant

All of those things tank your car’s fuel economy and spike the amount of money that you wind up spending at the pump every week.

Something as simple as getting your oil changed and tires rotated can ensure that your engine runs more efficiently and the tread on your tires is consistently nice and even. 

Oil Changes Really Help 

Auto maintenance inevitably means changing your engine’s oil. When you drive around with old oil, it’s as though you’re throwing money out of the window.

Older, sludgy oil will cause a big drop in fuel economy because the oil lacks the right viscosity and fails to lubricate your engine properly. When that happens,  engine failure isn’t far off. 

Vehicle maintenance

Increases Personal Safety 

Taking your vehicle in to All Around Auto Repair for auto maintenance and full inspection will actually make your driving experience safer in a few ways.

During your oil change, the mechanics at All Around Auto Repair will check your brakes and filters to make your vehicle safer to drive. 

Your vehicle’s cabin air filter screens for common pollutants like dust and pollen that would otherwise make their way into your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating system.

If you can filter those things out right at the source by replacing your cabin air filter, then you’ll be breathing in better air and your vehicle will perform better for longer. 

Mechanics can check your filter manually in addition to going by the manufacturer’s recommended service interval. A bad cabin air filter isn’t something to ignore because it can put stress on your air conditioning system and lead to costly repairs later. 

Tires are another thing to have checked out the next time you get auto maintenance.

Riding around with old tires with worn-out tread that fail the famous penny test can pose serious risks for you and your passengers in the sense that you might not be able to brake in time and you also risk a catastrophic blowout on the highway. 

Nobody wants that. Head in to All Around Auto Repair for auto maintenance and a comprehensive inspection today.