Although it’s been heavily emphasized many drivers don’t make it a priority to conduct regular maintenance or necessary repairs to vehicles when required instead they often wait for something to go wrong before taking action. Typically this approach has proven to be far more expensive and inconvenient so carrying out preventative vehicle maintenance or prompt repairs is usually the best option to avoid possible issues with vehicles in the future.

Vehicle Maintenance Inside the instrument panel of most vehicle models the malfunction indicator light (MIL) or ‘engine light’ can be found. This indicator becomes active when there is an existing issue with a vehicle and this usually occurs when the computerized engine management system malfunctions. When any of these issues occur the engine light can appear in two different forms and these can be steady or flashing.  Steady indicates a minor fault and flashing reveals a more severe issue.

Let’s say for example an oxygen sensor in a vehicle’s computerized engine management system is faulty.  This can cause several problems such as increased emissions, reduced gas mileage and impaired ability to convert oxygen and fuel mixture to occur. These can all eventually lead to a malfunction of the vehicle if not addressed urgently however in a situation like this the engine light will appear to let you know something is not right.

Therefore it would be safe to say that the presence of the engine light serves to alert a driver of any existing issues within the computerized engine management system. In most models the MIL is usually displayed with the prompt “check engine”service engine soon” or a pictogram of an engine.

Engine Light a Sign that Vehicle Maintenance or Repair is Due

Apart from a faulty oxygen sensor there are several other occurrences that can cause the engine light in a vehicle  to appear. Some of these may include a failing catalytic converter  or a poorly installed or clogged air filter. There are also cases where MIL light can be falsely triggered which can mainly be contributed to the application of high amounts of methanol/ethanol or other additives to the engine however this is rarely happens .

Remember Prompt Repair And Regular Maintenance 

Taking care to conduct regular maintenance and prompt repairs to vehicles is key to maintaining a properly working vehicle and ensures safety when travelling on the road.

Be sure to schedule regular maintenance at least three times a year to ensure that everything is as it should be with vehicles however if you happen to see your engine light appear you automatically know that there is an issue that needs to be rectified and should be dealt with promptly to avoid any further complications with your vehicle.

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