There have been many recent advances in automotive technology. Advances generally fall into one of three categories, including safety, performance, and convenience/comfort. We will look at the recent advances in these categories, and how they are changing the name of the game.



Historically, safety has consisted mostly of features to protect passengers in the event of an accident. Seat-belts, frame reinforcements, crumple zones, and airbags are all safety innovations that have came from this view. Recently, safety innovations have shifted to focus on preventing accidents rather than protecting people in the event of a crash. One way of preventing accidents is a front crash alert system with automatic braking. The car can react much more quickly than we can, and prevents crashes by slowing or stopping the vehicle before you hit something. Adaptive headlights are another crash prevention technology, they can adjust to conditions to be the correct brightness and shine where you need them. These technologies are proven to reduce the number of automotive crashes each year. Other automotive safety innovations include a lane departure warning and prevention on some models, and blind spot detection.


Many innovations fall into the category of convenience and safety. Back up cameras, OnStar and assisted parking make our lives more convenient and safer at the same time. Automotive innovations like hands free operation of cell phones and even radios are not only convenient, but reduce the amount of accidents due to distracted driving. Some other recent features for our comfort include heated and cooled seats as well as DVD players. Another incredibly convenient feature is a key-less entry system that works by proximity. Have your hands full and need to unlock your door? Well now you can leave your key in your pocket and your door will unlock when you get close to it. Today’s automotive technology also lets you know if your tire pressure is low or if you need an oil change.


There was a time when you had to choose between horsepower and gas mileage. Vehicles with good gas mileage and plenty of horsepower just didn’t exist. Recent automotive advances have made it possible for you to have both. In addition to getting better gas mileage, today’s cars produce lower emissions as well. You can also choose a hybrid model that uses gas and electricity, to save even more on gas. From four cylinders to eight, car performance has came a long way in the last few years.

Automotive companies are continuing to innovate, and you can expect to keep seeing cars with more safety, convenience, and performance features. Car crashes and fatalities will continue to decline, and increased fuel efficiency will help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Need more tips on how you can benefits from these great innovations or need to have them fixed? Contact us at All Around Auto Repair for all your car care and information.